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Note: The title of this post refers to the name of the ride in question, not the quality of the work!

Yesterday, I found myself taking the short walk over to the Paint Shop to get an update on “boats.” Since it’s almost the middle of October, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

One of the logs from Frightful Falls is being restored.

I snapped a picture to serve as a “before” shot and returned this morning for the “after.”

Look at how much progress our painters made in just a few hours!

Before & After:

Frightful Falls Boat Before Painting
Frightful Falls Boat After Painting

The work isn’t quite finished; “boat restoration” can take up to four days.

Is Frightful Falls still open? Yes, as long as the temperature is at least in the 60s (which hasn’t been a problem this fall).

Only three weekends remain for Happy Halloween Weekends this year – we hope you can join us! Best ticket deals are online: Just $33.99 each for Saturday and $29.99 for Sunday and even less for Guests-under-54″ and Seniors (60+).

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3 Responses to “A Frightful restoration”

  1. Mary

    Any plans for building a wall along the highway and putting up a nice mural to welcom visitors to HW and Santa Claus, Indiana? It would help to hide all the park stuff stored behind buildings and visible driving thru town.

  2. Jason

    I love this little log flume. I remember riding as a kid in the mid to late 80s and there was always bubblegum stuck on the left wall as you first entered the tunnel. Always laughed at that as a kid but that’s long gone now as it doesn’t quite jive with the cleanest park award I reckon.