By Paula @ Holiday World

With a couple of SWOT enthusiasts sitting around the #podsquad table, you knew it was only a matter of time:

That Corn Bin photo posted on the Book of Face: Don’t those kiddos look like adults at a coffee shop … or a spa?

Our Facebook frame for Happy Halloween Weekends is only a click away.

The #PodSquad’s celebration of International Podcast Day was so jubilant it took two days.

As you may remember for Podcast Episode 043, Eric offered to treat the #PodSquad to Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen that Saturday.

He had it all planned out, until …

Saturday text


One Eternity Later


Sunday text

And so, the saddest photo ever taken in the history of Holiday World:

Sad Eric with 4 lattes

While talking about Carnival Chaos, we mentioned “The Man Who Knows” …

The Man Who Knows

Can anyone possibly look at this and not crave Pringles?

Well, now that I look at their logo, maybe they’re not exactly identical twins …


… yet the craving lives on.

Here’s that cute squirrel photo Angie took this week:


… and the rainbow photo:

Oh, Coaster Crew, your creativity knows no bounds:

When it’s everyone’s favorite game time, we clown around a bit.

Happy Kellems at Santa Claus Land

Here’s Happy Kellems (and his wife, Lillian) performing for a Santa Claus Land audience long ago.

And finally, in our “thank yous” at the end of this neverending episode, we thanked Stephen for mixing up a peppermint oil concoction to help convince wasps to reroute their flight plans out of sniffing distance from our webcam.

Because this is like something out of a horror movie!

Wasp on webcam

Thanks for listening! We’ll be back again in two weeks with the return of our pal, Mick Foley!

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