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Last Friday, I wrote about our Lights Out! show. The next day, I got to experience a few of our coasters with their lights out.

This past Saturday we hosted “Quoth the Raven, Ride Some More,” a coaster-enthusiast event with the Midwest chapter of the American Coaster Enthusiasts (ACE).

Our morning started before the park opened with a round of friendly competition on Gobbler Getaway before moving up to Thunderbird Plaza for the first rides of the day.

Our friends from ACE Midwest joined us today for their event “Quoth the Raven, ride some more”

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In addition to those first rides of the day, the group also got the last rides of the night: Pitch black night rides on both Thunderbird and The Voyage.

After Thunderbird Plaza had been cleared at closing, the group headed up for their evening ERT (Exclusive Ride Time). The lights on Thunderbird’s brake run were turned off, and one of the trains ran with its LED lights completely shut off.

That was the train I chose for my first night ride on Thunderbird.

Once out of the station, everything went dark. There’s nothing quite like flying through Thunderbird’s Immelmann loop and seeing all of the stars in the sky. It’s exhilarating to fly past trees when you can just barely make out their silhouettes as you soar through the woods.

I told myself that one ride would be enough. Four laps later, I realized I’d been kidding myself.

Up next was The Voyage. We raced through the night, weaving in and out of The Voyage’s massive structure. It was a perfect way to end the evening.

It’s your last chance to ride!

Purchase tickets for Happy Halloween Weekends online for the best prices. Tickets are discounted to just $33.99 each for Saturday (when you can ride after dark) and $29.99 for Sunday.

Bundle up and come see us for your last rides of the season as we wrap up Happy Halloween Weekends this Sunday!

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