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During last episode’s SWOT analysis, we decided our biggest “O” was the opportunity to bring more guests on board.

And so, we turned to our pal, WWE Hall-of-Famer Mick Foley.

The “old bear” has penned a memoir – or, as he tells us, a love letter to his children – about his journey to wearing the Red Suit.



Mick spent several days here in Santa Claus working on Saint Mick last fall:

Mick Foley writing "Saint Mick"

Mick offers some sage parenting advice for very-soon-to-be-mommy Lauren (pictured here with her sister, Leah):

Lauren and Leah

Mick’s book signing (and more) begins at 6pm CT on Tuesday, November 7, at the Santa Claus Museum here in town.

Saint Mick book cover

Saint Mick is a great read! (Can’t get enough of Mick’s stories? He was our guest on a podcast episode back in September of 2016, too.)

Hope you got to catch Coaster Quest on the Travel Channel. Jason Zone Fisher is a lot of fun as host of the show.


How could the contestants not know this Jeopardy answer, er … question?


That fabulous photo from last weekend:

And … the Skunkin:

Skunkin (skunk pumpkin)

I believe it was at this point that Matt admitted his own pumpkin carving talent was “less than stellar.”

Thunderbird Pumpkin

(Not that I have any room to talk. I didn’t even try.)

Happily, others on staff got the hang of it rather quickly …

Mascot Pumpkins

The Coaster Crew cracked us up once again …


Halloween came early for the #podsquad, thanks to Mr. Rentz:

Kit Kat bars

Here’s a look at that Thunderbird “tiny planet” photo Stephen created:

Thunderbird Plaza - Tiny Planet

… and don’t miss Josh’s HoliBlog post about his first night rides.

Reminder: 2018 Season Passes are at their deepest discounts right now (including our monthly payment plan).

Thanks for listening – Happy Halloween to all!

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2 Responses to “Podcast: Saint Mick”

  1. Chris Sheffield

    Good podcast and blog. Sad season coming to end. Mick Foley was a great guest. #VivaLaMountainDew

  2. Kevin Vanosdol

    Looked up kit-kats on wikipedia, there is an article titled “Kit Kats in Japan”, and it shows over 200 flavors of Kit Kats!!! Other than the ones you tasted on the podcast, it includes Hokkaido roasted Corn, Baked potato, Brown sugar syrup, Cough Drop, European cheese, Green Bean, Maple, Melon and Cheese, Red potato, Rilakkuma hotcake, Rock Salt, Salt and Caramel, Soy sauce, Vegetable juice, Wasabi and Bacon!!!!

    (Actually – just kidding about the Bacon! 🙁 )