By Paula @ Holiday World

Our resident newlywed joined us for today’s podcast episode!

VP James clued us in on what’s going on with our wooden roller coasters during the off-season:

James gave us the lowdown on a few other projects we haven’t yet mentioned.

VP James-podcast

One of the holiday napkins I’ve been saving, along with the obligatory Voyage Extreme Brownies recipe.

holiday napkin

Our Tembo reveal was loads of fun.

Here’s the announcement video:

We talked about the coaster flags on sale in the HoliShop.

There may still be a few sets left …

Legend flags

In #HoWoPo Feedback, there were some tasty tweets:



We weren’t sure about this one, though. We really weren’t.

And our Coaster Crew friends made us laugh once again:

Don’t miss the spurs on the Big Green Foot!

Thanks so much for listening! We’ll be back again in two weeks with our final podcast episode for 2017!

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