By Josh @ Holiday World

When I joined Facebook back in July 2005, you had to go to when you wanted to sign in.

It never would have crossed my mind that over a decade later, I’d be signing in to the website every day as part of my job.

It’s a big part of how we communicate with park fans.

Here are a few highlights from our Facebook page in 2017.

A Month of Mammoth

Let’s start with our most-watched video. Captured by the HoliDrone, here’s a straight down shot of the entire layout of Mammoth. There’s no better way to take in the world’s longest water coaster – Guinness certified! – other than by actually riding it.

The Numbers:

  • Watched by: 94,600+ people
  • In Context: If everyone watched the video in its entirety, played back-to-back, we watched it for nearly 33 days

Tembo Turns the Tide

Our second most-watched video may have come later in the year, but it still finished strong. The 2018 announcement video that included Tembo Tides and Tembo Falls was released on November 21, and it quickly racked up the views until it was second only to our Mammoth drone shot. Take a look at what you can expect to see in the park next season:

The Numbers:

  • Watched by: 38,300+ people
  • In Context: If everyone who watched the video slid down all 8 slides, then collectively we’d travel more than 3,100 miles. That’s roughly enough to get us from Santa Claus, Indiana, to the North Pole!

A Very Merry Proposal

Our most-seen photo of the year took place right by the Santa statue at the front of the park. Santa provided a great backdrop for a couple who got engaged right here at Holiday World on June 12. The comments on the photo were, of course, filled with congratulations, plus another fan shared a photo of his proposal in front of the Santa statue

The Numbers:

  • Seen by: 148,600+ people
  • In Context: If everyone who saw the post decided to attend the happy couple’s wedding and it were held in the Dive! Theater, we would fill the theater more than 343 times. Talk about a crowded reception!

Hoosier Hospitality Henry

Our second most-seen photo of the year was another shared photo from early June and featured Henry, one of our Hosts. The message with the picture read:

So thankful for a sweet guy named Henry who noticed my son had a broken leg and was having a rough time! With his own money he bought Sulley some gummy worms and turned his frown upside down!!!!

Henry went on to win a Hoosier Hospitality Award at the Indiana State Fair!

The Numbers:

  • Seen by: 117,300+ people
  • In Context: If everyone who saw this post decided they wanted to take a spin on HallowSwings, we’d have to run the ride more than 2,400 times with every seat full. Let’s hope you’re not at the back of that line!

2017 Final Figures

Let’s break down the overall numbers of a few ways you may have interacted with us throughout the year.

  • Number of times fans “liked” our posts: 118,283. That’s one “like” every four-and-a-half minutes.
  • Check-Ins at Holiday World: 43,190. That’s enough to fill 1,800 trains on The Voyage!
  • Most popular day to check in: Saturday, July 29 with 867 check-ins.
  • Comments on our posts: 12,723. That averages out to 35 comments a day for every day of the year.
  • Times our posts were “shared”: 13,142. That averages nearly 1,100 every month.

Thank you to all of our wonderful fans who Like, Comment, and Share with us all year long!

Merry Christmas!

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