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For the first podcast episode of the new year, we have a chat about iROC Safety School with International Ride Training co-owner Cindee Huddy:


Here is our iROC Audit Excellence Award, which we happily share with all of our Ride Operators from 2017 – well done!

Attractions Director and Managers 2018 - iROC Award

Full-time Attractions management (from left): Eric, Lori, and Alan

The week’s Voyage track work entailed building a “covered wagon” structure to keep our Coaster Cats out of the elements.

Voyage's Covered Wagon

Sort of looks like a giant windsock, doesn’t it?

Here’s a peek at the new wood on Voyage’s third stretch of 90-degree track:

Voyage: Third 90-degree Turn - New Wood

The Lifetime Movie Snowed Inn Christmas took us by surprise last month

… and prompted this quick blog post to explain that we were represented in name only, just like that RadioShack commercial from a decade ago.

Dress Up Your Pet Day is coming soon (January 14) and Lauren’s doggie, Edgar, is ready:

Lauren's dog, Edgar, on Dress Up Your Pet Day

Apparently, the #podsquad isn’t all that into New Year’s Resolutions, but Matt is trying to consume more water thanks to his new Yeti:

Matt and his water-filled Yeti

Thanks to the Koch family, it was a Veddy Yeti Christmas for our full-time staff.

In #HoWoPo Feedback, we mentioned the Santa & Claire Ride Thunderbird video from 2015, which made a reappearance on social media in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

We heard from our friend JD Scott:

Check here on the HoliBlog for photos of JD Scott’s visit back in 2014.

And it was Dial M for Miffed with the Big Green Foot:

Mistletoe and more on Christmas Day:

If you’re itching to join us for HoliWood Nights in June, be sure to register online by January 10 for the deepest discounts. And if 2018 is the year you want to treat yourself to Season Passes, be sure to sign up by January 15 for the best deals.

Thank you for listening to the Holiday World Podcast. Happy New Year!

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One Response to “Podcast: Safety School”

  1. Jack Larimore

    Enjoyed the podcast as usual. Paula, I believe your #rollercoasterdream would be classified as #rollercoasternightmare or #rollercoasterscreams LOL, can’t mistake a Paula scream as she rides a coaster. #HoWoPo