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The initial grand excitement of a call from school announcing “Snow Day: No School Tomorrow Due to Snow and Ice” has ground to a low groan in most area households this week.

We’ve hit Day 5 of The Endless Winter

One local school’s call to parents put a smile on their faces, as the snow-day announcement was sung by the school’s principal – who just happens to be an alum from our Entertainment Department:

Tyler Lemen was Berry the HoliDazzle back in 2009.

… this will no doubt delight his students at Jasper’s Holy Trinity Catholic School.

Berry the HoliDazzle, waving

(Disclaimer: We’ve come a long way since using a flip cam for quick videos back in 2009.)

Here’s a look at those energetic HoliDazzles:

That’s Berry … er, Tyler … in the middle, singing his little HoliHeart out.

And yes, we even made a Berry coloring page for download back in ’09:

Berry & Santa Statue Coloring Page

Tyler worked with us seasonally from 2008 to 2013. He gained work experience in several departments: Foods, Training & Development, and Entertainment. It makes us so proud to see our former employees go on to do great things in “The Real World.” Meanwhile, if you’d like to spend the warmer months working at “The Holiday World,” please fill out an application here. If you’re leaning toward a song and dance gig, check out our audition dates here.

The temperatures are expected to rise above freezing this afternoon. Let’s hope Tyler’s next serenade is something more along the lines of Here Comes the Sun!

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