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The guy we thank at the end of each episode for “making us sound so good” is our guest this time around.

Stephen, our Drone Man

Stephen is the guy who studied hard, took a test in clean-room conditions, created our SOP, and flew the HoliDrone to capture views like this:

Our drone, by the way, is a DJI Mavic Pro.
Close Up of Thunderbird's Immelmann from Drone

The HoliDrone works great in the winter, too:
Drone shot of Front Gate and Raven

Yes, it’s still winter. Mostly rain at this point, but sometimes it freezes:

We’ll wrap up our We Love Dippin’ Dots Sweepstakes on Monday. Be sure to enter daily; three winners will be chosen at random.

Santa Jim’s birthday is on Sunday. As promised, here’s a photo of that grand man’s first experience as Santa.

“Lord, get me through this war and I will forever be Santa …”

USS New York on Christmas Day, 1916

Santa Day for 100 New York City Orphans onboard USS New York, BB-34, on December 25, 1916

Hearts started to beat just a little faster when we realized Monday is just 75 days till Opening Day.

Baby Sawyer watching Curling on TV during the Winter Olympics

This little guy isn’t all that concerned about Opening Day, though.

Baby Sawyer just wants his Curling Team to win!

Auntie Leah is all about the Winter Olympics.

All. About.

Maybe they both need to catch this video that went a little crazy this week.





Here’s the Cornelius Van Snoodle clone:



Although he wasn’t able to join us this episode, Eric Rentz’s “presence” was felt throughout.

Because he has a gif that simply won’t let you forget

Eric Rentz Audience Member on Maury

Here’s that photo of longtime listener David Weihe and newborn Kevin:



The puns were flying once we took a close look at The Coaster Crew’s latest:


A soft – and highly absorbent – nod to the #PodSquad’s two-year anniversary.

Typical treatment of a middle child, we were nearly 10 minutes into the ‘cast when we (uh, I) thought to herald the return of Leah Koch to the table.

Leah Koch and her oboe

… purple hair and all!


<Spoiler Alert> The first “25 Degrees” question was about this wedding ceremony from 1993.

Santa Claus hot air balloon

That was one huge Santa hot-air balloon!

And one lovely couple …

Santa with newlyweds Rosanna and Scott

Here’s a news clip from that amazing day:

Wed, Jul 14, 1993 – Page 8 · The Tribune (Seymour, Indiana) ·

Since Stephen likes to take the end of our podcast episodes with an occasional Easter egg, we’ll do the same for the blog post.

If you’re a loyal listener, you already know about Matt and his giant fountain drink from McDonald’s. Apparently, Stephen tried to put a stop to all that.

Stephen and the giant Coke cup

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Chris

    Running behind on Podcasts…. Enjoyed Drone info… Sad face on Big Red Icee…..Thanks for info