By Paula @ Holiday World

Does anyone else remember when the town of Santa Claus got its first traffic light?

That was quite a day, back in August of 2008.

EV charging station

We’re feeling a bit uptown once again

… as we introduce our new Tesla Destination Charging Station!

Here’s some information, which is also available on our Rules & Services page:

A Destination Charging Station for Tesla and other Electric Vehicles is now available in the Legend Parking Lot at Holiday World:

  • 8 dedicated parking spaces for Tesla charging
  • 4 of those dedicated parking spaces are also equipped with 110V receptacles for other EV charging (please bring your own charging cable)
  • Available free to Holiday World visitors on a first-come basis during regular park hours
  • Please alert a parking attendant of your intent to use the charging station once inside the Legend Lot

Please post any questions you might have below. We’ll be sure to get you answers!

Meanwhile, here’s a photo from another angle, in case you need a little help getting your bearings.

Tesla charging station

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23 Responses to “Do you have an EV? Charge it!”

  1. Joe Wenneman

    I won’t have my Tesla until summer of 2019. With the release of thousands of these this calendar year, will you be adding additional destination chargers for 2019? Thank you for your insight into the electric car future. ?

  2. Mike

    Thank you for this awesome convience feature! We were able to drive up from southern TN and charge while enjoying the park and drive home same day. Can’t wait to visit again.

  3. Jacob Mason

    Thank you for adding these! I live outside Nashville, and now we can make it a day trip to Holiday World. I grew up in Owensboro and I love Holiday World, but we haven’t been able to come. Now we can!

  4. Scott

    When my family comes, it’s typically on a slower day where the Raven parking lot is not even close to being full and I see the Legend lot has no cars. Are we still able to park over in the Legend lot to use the EV charging options, or is that lot closed on slow days?

  5. Jeffrey R Fullone

    Can’t wait to visit next week! This a great perk for us Tesla owners! Thank you!

  6. Eric Day

    Heading up Wednesday from Lexington.

    I cant imagine so, but do all 8 spots get filled up often during the week or rarely more than 1-3 cars out of the 8?

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      On a normal weekday, we’ll only fill 3 or 4 of the 8 spots.

  7. Matt Hayes

    Is there parking available for my truck and 31ft RV? Not checking in to our campsite until 4pm, family is wanting to go to the park this Thursday.

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      Yes. Be sure to park in the Legend Parking lot – it’s the one across the road from the Front Gate.

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      We have the charging cords here. You can kind of see it in the photo on this blog post.

  8. Jackie Day

    We’re planning a trip in early June. Do the EV charging stations fill up on the weekends? Should we arrive by a certain time to have a better chance at getting a charging spot?

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      To our knowledge, they’ve never filled up completely even on our busiest weekends so far.

    • Chris Hilbert

      I didn’t go in 2020, but used it in 2019. It was about 1/2 full on both days we went. No issues. If you get there at park open you can choose your spot.

  9. Richard

    We’re really looking forward to visiting this summer from Louisville. I love my Tesla Model Y and am super happy that Holiday World has these chargers available. Just another reason this is one of the best parks in the US.

    My question is, can you exit and re-enter the park to move your car after it’s charged up? I don’t want to take up a slot for the entire day when I only need an hour or two to fully charge up.

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      You can! Just make sure to get your hand stamped on the way out so that you can get back into the park!