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You’re expecting a new podcast episode today, right? Sorry, we’ve delayed #053 by a week. The good news, though, is that our guest will be Rick Hunter, the President & CEO of ProSlide Technology, Inc. Can’t wait!

Meanwhile, we’ve been talking for a while about starting a HoWoPo Glossary of Terms.

Because the inside jokes abound


  • Bacon – we work at a theme park, so there’s always food around. Over the course of the first dozen or so episodes, we quickly discovered we all like bacon. A lot. And so do a lot of our listeners. But we don’t (repeat: DON’T) like Bacon Cotton Candy. Bacon Soda either.
Matt and Bacon Cotton Candy        Lauren tries Bacon Soda
  • Big Green Foot – The story goes, when Lauren became our Director of Events & Entertainment, she “inherited” a costume character foot. There was no history involved, this was not a leftover foot from a past mascot. It was just a single Big Green Foot left in a storage closet. Lauren brilliantly offered the Foot as an auction item at HoliWood Nights and the world’s foremost devotees of park mascots – The Coaster Crew – quickly mortgaged their homes and submitted the highest bid. Since then, we’ve been delighted on nearly a weekly basis by The Coaster Crew’s Big Green Foot holiday-themed tweets (We had an enlightening call-in interview with their tableau artiste extraordinaire, Jon.) It’s impossible to choose a favorite tweet, but here’s a particularly good’un:

  • Bird Aversion – When looking for names for our wing coaster, we discovered Matt simply doesn’t like birds. Or feet, for that matter. Or the Tooth Fairy. Nearly every episode, we discover something new about Matt.
  • Cheezeball – have you ever received an email in error? Tagged incorrectly on social media in a case of mistaken identity? We do. All the time. For example, the email response sent in reply to a December e-newsletter: See you Friday; I’ll bring the cheeseball! I wasn’t sure if I should respond with a “Great! See you there! Uh … where?” or simply ignore it. Ultimately, I responded with a timid, “Did you mean to send this to Holiday World?” We get cheezeballed a lot on Twitter. A lot.
  • Dole Whip – there is no more perfect food, according to Matt, Lauren and Leah.
  • Eric’s Tattoo – Back in the spring of 2016, Eric, our Attractions Director, promised his lifeguards that if they got perfect scores on all of their third-party Safety Audits, he’d get a tattoo to commemorate the occasion. They did. He didn’t. Matt is particularly bothered by this as he believes promises such as this come with an implied deadline of less than two years.
  • Expidenture – Eric again. He blurted out this word before realizing it, uh, isn’t a word. We believe it is a combination of the words experience and adventure.

    … or it may be a dentistry term


  • HoWoPo – For years, employees have nicknamed Holiday World “HoWo.” And so we shortened the name of the Official Holiday World Podcast to HoWoPo. And even made a hashtag: #HoWoPo.
  • Leah’s Oboe – When pitching the whole idea of a podcast back in 2015, I mentioned that we could include a game. Eyes widened in delight at the thought of competing with each other on a regular basis (they’ve since changed their minds and think it’s a very bad idea). When I mentioned everyone needed to bring a sound-maker for the game, Leah Koch quickly offered, “I could bring my oboe!” Our listeners are clearly double-reed woodwind aficionados. Leah’s oboe even has its own Twitter account.


  • PodSquad – that’s us: sisters Lauren and Leah (4th generation owners), park president Matt, Eric, and me.
  • Saint Mick – Our ol’ pal Mick Foley has been our guest – twice! The WWE Hall of Famer is an incredible storyteller and a dear friend.


We’ll continue to add to this glossary in the coming months and years – what’s missing?

Meanwhile, please join us again next week for our Rick Hunter episode.

And keep sending that feedback …

… using the hashtag #HoWoPo

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