By Paula @ Holiday World

Our pal Tammy from F&B is back again to tell us about what’s new on the food front this season:

I promised to post photos of some of the Premium Cabana Meals, starting with the Fruit Platter:

Fruit Platter

Next on the menu is the Chicken Tenders Platter:

Chicken Tenders Platter

And the Shrimp Platter:

Shrimp Platter

Just like our Pick Your Price discounts on admission tickets, our Cabanas and Riverside Retreats have a pricing calendar, with variable rates.

Eric getting his Vitamin CTammy brought along some cool goodies, and Mr. Rentz couldn’t resist the one that boasted of containing 50% of his Vitamin C needs for the day.

Ice cream sandwiches and similar frozen treats will be available at the end of the day near the front gate for just $1 each.

We delved into the magic and mystery of #HoWoPoSloMo. Embarrassed at first, we all wiped away tears by the end.

Want to hear more?

Here’s where to make the adjustment (look for the blue circle):

half-speed podcast adjustment

Have you entered our Make the Best Memories Sweepstakes yet? Enter daily through April 2!

I think this is my favorite rainbow photo from over the years:

Admissions-area rainbow

In #HoWoPo Feedback, we once again shake our heads in awe of The Coaster Crew’s cleverness:

Kitty Claws and her Bacon of Doom:

… and an alien abduction:

And finally, Eric shares that he’s now a proud uncle. Here he is Facetiming with 12-day-old Jack.

Baby Jack Rentz

During our game, we talk about The Voyage‘s wildness.

You remember, right?

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Mike Beth

    I’ve never been to Holiday World or have stayed in the cabins close by. I hear it’s an amazing experience! Please chose me for this contest!