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As we enter the last month of the off-season, track work on The Voyage is coming to an end (the photo, below, is from back in January).

So who is the guy who plans out the nips and tucks?

Meet Brian Kosmac, PE, who joins us on this podcast episode:

Voyage track work

In our Amusings, we mention Foster the Intern from last year.

Remember Foster?

Here’s that video he created this week (un-mute for the full effect):

Here’s that article about our Paint Shop Manager.

The mystery, wrapped in blue?


Lauren’s trip to NYC to view our new magic show ended up with more than one reunion.

Here’s the cast and creators:

New magic show cast and creators

And here’s Chris from our 2013 show, now on Broadway!

Chris from '80s Rewind show in 2013

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For “Draw a Picture of a Bird Day,” here’s some inspiration:

Raven shirt design

If you’d like to order this shirt ahead of your visit, we’re accepting pre-orders on our online HoliShop.

The #podsquad had more than a kernel of advice for young Kevin and his parents:

“We are Dinosaurs …”

Getting sassy with author Stephen King:

Coaster Crew mourned the upcoming departure of Eric:

and another tweet photo worth studying …

Finally, someone please tell me you’re familiar with this incredible opus:

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