By Josh @ Holiday World

“They’re on their way.”

James called shortly before one o’clock. The first pieces of fiberglass slide were about to be put into place at Tembo Falls. I didn’t want to miss this! I’d invested too much time making sure to capture their assembly to not show up for the delivery to their final destination!

This is the first of Tembo Falls’ eight junior slides – our newest addition to Splashin’ Safari. They’ll be situated right beside Tembo Tides, a new junior wave pool, between Kima Bay and Wildebeestro.

I wasn’t ready. Literally. I didn’t have a high-visibility safety vest, and I couldn’t enter the construction site without one.

After a mad dash, I had my hard hat and borrowed a vest

(Thanks, James!)

It was time to get the photos that we’d been looking forward to seeing all winter.

I got there just as the first slide piece arrived on site and made my way to the upper deck of the Tembo Falls platform to get photos. All three pieces of Slide #1 were ready to be lowered into place. Apparently, I even made a cameo on our webcam!

Tembo Slide being positioned

The crew was great. They even moved a piece of heavy equipment to help me get a better photo.

The weather hasn’t exactly cooperated during construction, but the past two days have been absolutely beautiful. I know our construction crew appreciates that. They deserve that!

Here’s hoping that they have plenty of sunshine in their near future as they work hard to get Tembo Falls ready for the season!

As for me? I think I’ll sit down and try to catch my breath.

Tembo Falls construction

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6 Responses to “A slide on the move”

  1. CoasterDean

    Is the ETA to open still June 2018? Any chance of it being open for Memorial Day weekend?

    • Paula @ Holiday World

      Yes, I’m still being told early June. Tembo Falls is expected to open first, with Tembo Falls as soon as possible after. As we receive more specific updates, they’ll be posted on those attractions’ individual pages. Thanks!

  2. Cara

    Any chance you have an update for the opening? Just booked our stay we will be there June 6 & 7 and we have two excited 7 year olds!!

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      Tembo Falls is expected to open in early June, with Tembo Tides a few weeks later. Keep an eye on our website for the most up-to-date information on both.