By Paula @ Holiday World

-Are you a Platinum Season Passholder?

Or plan to become one soon?

Then we’ve got some great details for you about the upcoming Platinum Preview Night.

The theme is:

Camp Holidog pennant

Here are the details

We’re throwing a party for Platinum Season Passholders!

HallowSwings at night

  • Friday, May 4, from 5:00pm to 9:00pm CDT
  • Rides, Food, Free Samples, Games, Prizes
  • First Night Rides of the season!
  • Download this Camp Holidog map for Campsite locations and more!Camp Holidog Map


  • Thunderbird
  • The Raven
  • The Legend
  • The Voyage
  • Gobbler Getaway
  • Crow’s Nest
  • Mayflower
  • Turkey Whirl
  • HallowSwings
  • Scarecrow Scrambler
  • Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch (5:00-6:30pm)
ICEE samples

Sample ICEEs during the Platinum Season Passholders Preview Party

Scrumptious free samples at Plymouth Rock Cafe

  • Smoked Chicken Wings
  • Waffle Fries
  • Sausage-on-a-stick
  • Turkey leg samples
  • Corn dogs
  • Lemon Shake-Ups

Other free samples

  • ICEE Mix It Up (Splashin’ Safari Plaza)
  • Brownie Batter Dippin’ Dots (Christmas Dippin’ Dots stand)

Holidog’s Campsites

Be sure to pick up your Campsite Map as you enter the park. The map includes locations of  Holidog’s Campsites, with different activities, prizes, samples, and more!

Food, Soft Drinks, Games & Shops

  • Kringle’s Kafe
  • Mrs. Klaus’ Kitchen
  • Pepsi Oasis stations by Thunderbird, Voyage, and Legend
  • The Big Game
  • Skeeball
  • Merlin’s Castle
  • Monster Ball
  • St. Nick’s Gift Shop
  • Spooky’s Hat Shop

A few answers to your questions

Q: Can I buy my Platinum Season Passes that night?
A: Yes, the Front Gate folks will be on hand starting at 4pm CDT. (May 4 is also the last day to save up to $26 on Season Passes.)

Q: I already bought regular Season Passes – can I upgrade to Platinum?
A: Yes, you can upgrade your Season Pass to Platinum for $30, either by phone ahead of time (1-800-467-2682) or at the park that evening.

Q: I haven’t had my Platinum Season Pass made yet – can I do it that evening?
A: Yes, we’ll provide Season Pass Processing that evening starting at 4pm CDT. (Here’s the full list of dates and times.)

Q: Can I bring friends with me to the Platinum Preview?
A: If they have Platinum Season Passes, too, the answer is yes. If not, sorry, they need to wait until Opening Day to visit.

Q: What other perks do I get as a Platinum Season Passholder?
A: You’ll get 20% discounts on food and merchandise all season long. Also, Bring A Friend Discounts plus a free souvenir cup and a monthly 99-cent treat. Here’s the full list of Platinum Perks.

Any more questions? Please post them below as a Comment and we’ll be sure to answer!

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15 Responses to “Platinum Pass Preview”

  1. Connie Jordan

    What if parents have a platinum pass but their children only have a regular pass, can they bring their children?

  2. Emily Marie Walker

    Hey if you are going to by a regular season passes can they can to the Platinum party

  3. Sandra monarch

    I bought myself a Platinum pass but I bought my kids a season pass can I come and bring my kids

  4. Theresa Nichols

    I’m making payments on my passes. Will I be able to come. Not sure when last payment is made.

    • Paula @ Holiday World

      Your final payment should be in April. Once that is made, you’ll receive a receipt/voucher by email and can use that to get your Platinum Season Pass made, which can be used for admission for the May 4 preview party. Thanks!

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      The event is rain or shine, with our normal weather policies in effect for the rides.

    • Leah Koch

      For Platinum Passholders you may use all six of your “Bring a Friend” tickets on one day plus any promotions (for example if you used them all on father’s day you could get a seventh ticket with that pricing).