By Paula @ Holiday World

What is Play Day? It’s a special day when we’re open only for the guests of the Easterseals Rehabilitation Center of Evansville.

Schoolchildren – like Lance, 15 – look forward to it all year.

Lance is from Utica, Kentucky; he’s an 8th grader at Burns Middle School.

Play Day - Lance

Play Day is also a day for announcements.

That’s Pam from Easterseals talking to Matt, our park president, about plans for the donation.

Play Day - Matt & Pam

You see, we donate all the ticket proceeds from Play Day and it’s enough each year for a new project.

This year, the donation topped $36,000, which will be used to add another playground – this time over at the Milestones Children’s Center in Evansville.

Here’s a look at Phase 1:

Will's Way 2

Will’s Way 2 is named for Will Koch, our late owner and president, who started Play Day back in 1993. Since then, Play Day has raised nearly a half million dollars to support projects for area children with disabilities.

The first Will’s Way playground was dedicated in 2016.

We’re excited to see where Will’s Way (to-the-second-power) will take us!

PlayDay - teacher

Each year, it seems there’s a teacher who has to be talked into going on camera (she did GREAT!) along with a student who doesn’t need any convincing (what a charming young man!).

The smiles. The laughter. The caring. We love every second!

If you have sharp eyes, you noticed a blue inner tube next to our Santa statue in the photo of Matt and Pam (second photo from the top of this blog post).

It’s for use on Bahari River.

Inner tube with insert

The blue inner tube includes an insert, so that riders who need extra support to sit comfortably and float on our river will be able to do just that.

Inner tube with insert

Looks wonderful, doesn’t it?

If you or someone in your group or family would like to try using a tube with an insert, just ask the lifeguard at the entrance to Bahari River and we’ll be sure to get you one.

Meanwhile, here’s a reminder that we have a Guide to Ride available with lots of information about abilities needed to ride each ride and slide.

We also provide information on that page about our Calming Room, ride restraints, family restaurants, and even a list of locations for standard-flush toilets around the park.

Another Play Day is over, but we know these thousands of youngsters are already looking forward to the next one.

And so are we.


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14 Responses to “Play Day announcement”

  1. Linda Schaefer

    You all rock! Our Granddaughter just turned 13 in March and she attends the Play Day every year and attends Perry Central School. The calming room was a great idea. She loves the water and would stay in it all day if she could, her favorite spot. It’s great that you have all the accommodations for special needs children like her. Thank you Holiday World, Employees, the late Will Koch and Easter Seals for everything you do, hearts of gold!! YOU ALL make her day and the rest of the special needs Children, I’m sure!! Keep up the good work and if she could tell you she would say a BIG Thank You for that Day! 🙂

  2. Sarah May

    Hello, was wondering when the “play day” for 2020 would be? Do all guests have to be affiliated with Easter Seals?

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      For the latest event information, please reach out to Easterseals Rehabilitation Center in Evansville.

  3. Choniece Stevenson

    Hello my name is Choniece and I am the program director at To The Max Behavior Therapy. We are a company that provides services for adults and children with disabilities. I heard in the past that you all have a specific day in the summer for individuals with disabilities. I was wondering if I could get more information on that day. What day is it? Can anyone business attend this day? Pricing? If you could get back to me with this information that would be wonderful, Thank You!