By Paula @ Holiday World

After a month-long hiatus, the #podsquad is back.

With a dazzling guest star

What a treat!

Congratulations to Leah, for successfully completing her MBA!

Here’s how she decorated her graduation cap:

Leah's graduation cap

The Big Green Foot has a colorful – if mysterious – history.

And an even more colorful wardrobe.

In keeping with the Coastershack theme for this year’s HoliWood Nights event for roller coaster enthusiasts, the Big Green Foot came dressed ready to golf. He even brought along his caddy, Jon.

The Big Green Foot and Jon

And yes, we are in Golf Digest.

We tell the story of our wonderful Play Day event.

That new inner tube that Matt abandoned?

There it is in the background

Missing Tube

Here are the links to the Insider listing of each state’s best waterpark as well as CNN’s review of the world’s best water-park rides.

The USA Today “10 Best” polls? Oh, how we’d love your votes!

And finally, the last few Coaster Crew tweets starring, of course …

The Big Green Foot.


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