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We’ve just received word that our Coaster Quest episode will air again on Travel Channel!

Tune in Sunday, June 24, at 6pm CDT

Here’s a photo from the shoot:

Coaster Quest with Jason Zone Fisher


This was originally posted on October 18, 2017.

Get ready to start seeing this face on your TV this fall:

Travel Channel host Jason Zone Fisher

Jason Zone Fisher is the host of a new Travel Channel show called Coaster Quest. Jason visited us back in July and we’re part of that show’s premiere episode – which will air on Saturday!

According to Travel Channel’s website: Host Jason Zone Fisher journeys across America on a quest to ride the biggest, fastest roller coasters the country has to offer. He dives deep into each amusement park, going behind the scenes to see how it all comes together and sharing insider info on the best rides, the must-have foods, and the quirkiest attractions.

Jason spent two days riding rides in both Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari. He even went behind the scenes to learn from an expert how to prepare a signature menu item:

Travel Channel - Jason & Lavina

And just who is Jason Zone Fisher?

According to his website: Hey, I’m Jason; a storyteller, an adventure seeker, a sports fanatic, a BBQ connoisseur, a pizza bagel, a political junkie, and a man on a mission.

After spending two long days with him, we can add … and one heck of a nice guy! We all enjoyed working with him and the crew from the West Coast.

Travel Channel's Jason Zone Fisher

The title of Saturday’s episode is The Midwest’s Best Roller Coasters. It premieres at 1pm CDT on Saturday, October 21 on Travel Channel. For the best of all possible worlds, set your DVR to record it, and join us Saturday for Happy Halloween Weekends!

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  1. Chandler Bainter

    Gotta find someone w/ Travel Channel so they can record it for me. Wonder if I made the cut?!