By Paula @ Holiday World

Does the word “test” still make your blood run cold, even though you’ve been out of school for weeks, years, or (like me) decades?

Here’s one better: audit.

Well, our lifeguards just got the results of their first third-party safety audit of the season …

… and they received an A+!

Lifeguard Training

We’ll have a full crew photo to post soon, but didn’t want to let another moment go by without sharing the news and saying CONGRATULATIONS!

Kaitlyn guarding at Watubee

Splashin’ Safari is 25 years old this season.

We never dreamed back in 1993 that our water park would someday be voted one of the best in the world again and again.

Bahari lifeguard

Or maybe we did …

No matter how many awards we win, though, it’s today that counts – it’s this very moment.

It’s correct posture (leaning is appropriate), it’s scanning your water, it’s being prepared with your rescue tube.

And yes, it means blowing a whistle once in a while. Sometimes we need to get your attention quickly to keep you and others safe.

They’re sort of like the Queen’s Guards at Buckingham Palace (you know, the ones with the tall fuzzy hats?). Our guards are ever on the watch. If you need to ask them a question, please just know ahead of time that although they can answer you, they have to keep watching their water.

We have a long history of outstanding lifeguards. Congratulations to the “class” of 2018!




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3 Responses to “Making the grade”

  1. KellyJean Gettelfinger

    I’m a terrible test taker haha! But me and my kids always love watching the SS/HW lifeguards in action! Their dedication and discipline is top notch… and much appreciated!!!