By Paula @ Holiday World

Steven Weedman

We mixed it up today, with only two original podsquad members.

That would be Lauren and me.

And VP Matt, back again.

But we needed a fourth …

Who ya gonna call? Steven from IT!

I somehow neglected to snap a photo of Steven while we recorded the ‘cast this morning.

Until he sends me a more recent photo, we’ll flash back to this pic from his seasonal years with us.

We pulled Steven into today’s conversation so he could explain how we sync themed music with our fireworks.

(“What fireworks” you ask? Well, we have Friday Night Fireworks through the end of July, plus our 4th of July Fireworks Extravaganza on July 4 & 5.)

We hope you enjoy this episode:

Before I forget – here’s that photo of the smashed cell phone, to help illustrate Steven’s story about not bringing your phone on roller coasters with you:

Broken Smartphone

We chatted about last night’s employee event: the Holimpics.

In my continuing theme as a bad photo editor today, I can only say I think this is our winning team. I lifted this from Facebook and hope it’s safe to assume that they’re not testing the indoor wind speed.


Either way, what a great looking bunch, right?

Yes, a milestone was reached over the weekend:

We’re so proud of our lifeguards’ achievement!

And here’s the promised video of WGN’s Marcus Leshock, and all the shade his co-anchors forced him to endure:

Amazing accomplishment, Heather Hall!

Here’s that Jo Dee Messina tweet:


Plus here’s Jo Dee’s review from the Nashville Gab.

We’ll get that Red, White & Blue Fudge video up early next week; meanwhile, here’s VP Matt’s props from the shops:

VP Matt and shirt Red, White & Blue Shirt

And we talked about pickles.


Here’s that blog post about frozen pickle juice from a few years back.

The moment you’ve been waiting for: little Dacio!



And, of course … The Coaster Crew!


Thanks so much for listening! One postscript … after we finished up, Stephen Rutherford entered the room and told me sternly:  I am so disappointed in the four of you – in fact, I’m angry! While you gushed over William Daniels playing John Adams and Mr. Feeny, you defiled the most important role of his career!

To which I replied, “What? You mean that stupid car?”

Hope you’ll join us for the next 60 episodes!


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