By Paula @ Holiday World

Robert SharkeyJust when you thought it was safe to go back in the theater …

… it’s Sharkey Week here at Holiday World!

Robert Sharkey, that is.

He’s been in our musical shows on and off since 2010 and has a lot of stories to share.


Apparently, I’m not the only one who’s told Sharkey he has a Mickey Rooney vibe.

Mickey who?

This guy:

Judy & Mickey

Yes, that’s Judy Garland with Mickey Rooney, above.

And here’s Sharkey with Leah, below.

Sharkey & Leah

Speaking of “over the rainbow”

… Sharkey is Roy G. Biv in our new band:

Roy G. Biv

… and here he is in our new Mysterio show (use this Facebook frame effect to surround your photos with Mysterio):

Mysterio: Magic Rocks the Night

Have you entered our ICEE Mix It Up Sweepstakes yet? Enter daily through Monday, July 16.

Three cheers for our Rides Crew on their perfect score!

Attractions Team

Which parks are most essential? Here’s UpRoxx’s list for the Midwestern states.

A visit from the NBA’s D’Angelo Russell:

Family @holidayworld

A post shared by D’Angelo Russell (@dloading) on

“Hey, Dog!”


Here’s that “ice sculpture” photo:

Too much Star Trek?


And Coaster Crew is back with more Big Green Footery:


Remember, just three more Fridays left in this season’s Friday Night Fireworks – hope to see you there!

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