By Paula @ Holiday World

We had an early morning, with Eyewitness News Meteorologist Ron Rhodes alternately presenting a fantastic forecast and challenging Matt to silly competitions.

You know, like this:

Afterwards, we asked Ron to join us on our podcast:

Ron’s a local guy and grew up watching the late Marcia Yockey forecast the weather.

We had a surprise for him.Ron Rhodes holding a photo of Marcia Yockey

Marcia visited us when we were known as Santa Claus Land.

She used to fly up here in that tiny helicopter.

… so we had some fun photos to share with him.

Marcia was quite a character (and that’s putting it mildly!).

She was on the air on TV stations in Evansville from 1953 until she retired in 1988.

According to an online write-up about her, Marcia once quit working for a TV station because they canceled her annual July 4 televised swim after the forecast.

And so this morning’s swim was dedicated to her!

Matt & Ron at Bahari Wave

Here’s another great photo of Marcia:

Marcia Yockey & Santa Louie

Here’s the link to our Rock the World Sweepstakes.

We were delighted to see WGN-TV’s Marcus Leshock’s feature stories about his visit!

First, his encounter with the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain:

… and then his story about his first visit to Holiday World:

Here’s the link to that roundup.

Do you remember the lighthouse at our now-retired Thunder Bumpers on Chesapeake Bay ride?

Thunder Bumpers ion Chesapeake Bay

To give you your bearings: this spot is now occupied by our Firecracker ride and the Three-Point Challenge game.

Jon Green is one heck of a photographer:


And Coaster Crew once again takes it over the top:

And finally, here are the sisters with their sound makers:

Leah's oboe and Lauren's squeaky toy

Here’s another reminder that we’re open daily through August 8. We hope to see you soon – come on in, the weather’s fine!

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