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Once we move to our “Now Open Weekends” schedule,  references to “the Moose Out Front” abound.

… because just about everyone has seen National Lampoon’s Vacation at least once.

And, believe it or not, this vehicle was actually parked in our lot a few years ago (during the 30th-anniversary summer of the film’s release).

Griswolds' Car

And so, we sadly have to reenact that scene at least once or twice every August.

This year, at least the uncomfortable conversation was able to be handled on social media with this particular (new) member of the Griswold family:

Taylor Bybee

We hope you enjoy Coaster Studio‘s Taylor Bybee’s story:

As we move into our Amusings segment, we hear about young Sawyer’s first rides at his family’s park.

Here’s the favorite snap from the day

Sawyer likes the camera

Those two incredibly cute Facebook shares with young performers? #SoundUp

Both in-park:

… and at home (the privacy setting allowed a share but not an embed, so you can watch the video here on our Facebook page).

"Magic In Me"

From two cute little girls to … The Hammer:

The Hammer

The Hammer is flanked by VP Eric to the left and Sales Director Dave to the right.

Our mail-order catalog from back in our early Santa Claus Land days is so much fun to read:

Santa Claus Land catalog

Thinking about joining us for Rock the World? It’s coming up on August 25!

In our #HoWoPo Feedback segment, there was quite the discussion about our Gluten-Free Funnel Cake:

Gluten-Free Funnel Cake

Speaking of treats, here’s Katelyn’s tweet:


Looks like a couple of ACEers, fresh off a ride on The Raven:

Three Men & A Holidog:

Here’s the link to that Indianapolis Star article about our TripAdvisor ranking.

We all just loved this tweet:

Two ways to cool off with a frozen treat

Thumbs up to this group of engineers-to-be:

The Coaster Crew made us laugh once more:


We don’t often post photos from our 25 Degrees of Separation game, but we had to make an exception with Cousin Jeff and LaurenAnna:

HoliWood Nights at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari     LaurenAnna

Both parks are open weekends – come see us soon!

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