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The Lucite reference in the name of this episode is in tribute to the late Will Koch.

Oh, how he loved “bringing home the Lucite.”

Will Koch at the Golden Ticket Awards

And so, it seems, do his daughters

Leah & Lauren at the Golden Ticket Awards

We talk about last weekend’s Golden Ticket Awards and so much more on podcast episode 065:

We’re just one weekend away from the start of our Happy Halloween Weekends. (Be sure to enter our sweepstakes.)

Can’t wait until SCAREbnb comes alive! This guest has already arrived … and made himself right at home – stretched out to get comfy.


Here’s the HoliBlog post Amanda wrote – she’s part of our Come Alive! cast.

The ACE Midwest event “Quoth the Raven, Ride Some More” is coming up soon – registration deadline is just a few days away:

I still don’t understand this post, but the photo must be seen:

… but don’t throw pennies from rides. Ever.

I dug up Billy Olsen’s photo of his meal, complete with SPAM Lite:


Does anyone else see a face in the piece on the right? <shudder>

Alyssa’s tweet showing little Kevin’s first coaster ride makes us all go “awwwwww.”


I think it’s time for Kevin to have his own HoliBlog tag. Agreed?

Be sure to catch The Chain Lift’s review of Thunderbird:

The Coaster Crew gets all highbrow on us:

And then blew us away with this GIF

Thanks for listening!

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