By Paula @ Holiday World

We’re no stranger to puns here at Holiday World.

(You’ve been warned.)

… and so when we’re told we’re outstanding in our field, we take that seriously.

A corn field, that is

Twelve acres. Out by Thunderbird:

Corn Maze Cutting

Each spring, a local farmer plants the cornfield. When the stalks are knee-high to a fairly tall human, we cut in that year’s design for Happy Halloween Weekends.

Would you say our HoliDrone is a corn stalker?

Every fall, we’re asked about the cost of our hayrides and corn mazes.

And here’s the answer: No extra charge!

Another popular question: What if I get hopelessly lost?

No worries! That’s why we created this  ‘Mazed & Cornfused Map. Simply pick one up as you enter the maze.

A few other kernels of information:

  1. Children 12 and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  2. Stay on paths. (Creating your own shortcut will ruin the maze!)
  3. No running or horseplay.
  4. Leave the corn alone – after all, it never picked on you! Seriously, do not touch, pick, or eat the ears of corn.
  5. Watch your step! Paths could be muddy.
  6. Wheelchairs access in the maze may be rough or muddy.
  7. Do not smoke or vape in the maze.
  8. Dispose of trash in the trash cans by the maze entrance, please.
  9. Lost or overwhelmed? Locate the nearest ‘Mazed & Cornfused station on the map and pull the rope to raise the flag – we’ll be right there!

Happy Halloween Weekends start this Saturday and run through October 28, 2018. Best discounts on tickets are available here on our website.

Shucks, we sure hope you’ll join us!

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4 Responses to “Cornfused?”

  1. Kristina

    Is ticket prices cheaper if buy on line or similar to ticket prices bought at Holiday World on day you show up???