By Leah Koch

With Paula away on vacation, the #PodSquad had a new host this week: Me! (Hence the title “The one where they all went Rogue.”)

I had a lot of goals for this episode: create a new game, don’t screw up, and don’t screw up.

I succeeded in creating a new game.

Luckily, accountant Tiffany Leonard joined us to tell us about the “most boring” job in a theme park, and the most exciting job in accounting.

Podsquad with Matt, Lauren, & Tiffany

We talked about the opening of Happy Halloween Weekends, and the return of our favorite special menu items like the buffalo chicken sandwich.

Tiffany told us about her homemade Halloween costumes for her kids, and they are impressive to say the least:

Cupcake CostumeBaker Costume

…that owl costume…

Owl Costume 2Owl Costume 1Owl Costume 3

We couldn’t remember if we were able to post the video of Dad (Will Koch) on the Colbert Report back in 2006. We can! Here’s that video:

We learned a lot of ways to prepare pierogis in preparation for National Pierogi Day on Oct. 8. For the record, this is what pierogies look like:


Matt got a new nickname…


…the badger.

We received a gift of brown sugar and maple bacon seasoning from Emma—one of our loyal listeners. We’re going to use this for our holiday bacon (you’ll have to ask Tiffany).

Lauren with Bacon Seasoning

Marcus Lemonis, host of the CNBC show “The Profit,” tweeted quite the offer:

The Coaster Crew got a little cheesy (get it?):

And then they got downright comical:

We closed with the new game: “Not my Name,” and I concluded that hosting is a fun, but difficult job. That said…


*Please note that I would like to include more exclamation points… but I have to obey punctuation rules. 

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