By Paula @ Holiday World

Today is the first day we are closed for the season – and of course, the Walley World jokes abound.

Did you know we have a Wally who works here?

He has for 20 seasons

Cathy is Wally’s department head. She says he’s got quite the sweet tooth.

She also shared this story: Right now what comes to mind and makes me giggle is that I purchased a special hose for his area which is lighter weight than all the others and he has his favorite hoses throughout the park. If you use one of his hoses you better finish with it before he gets there or he will take it away from you.

Celebrating Wally with cake

We’re so fortunate to have long-time employees like Wally and all the folks you see in the above photo.

They work in all sorts of weather to keep our grounds looking beautiful throughout the year.

… at least that’s what the dog out front should have told you!

Sorry Folks, we're closed



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