By Paula @ Holiday World

The first snowstorm of the season has come and gone – and it’s only November 15!

Our pal Marcus Leshock found a way to warm our hearts, though, by posting this YouTube video. It’s from when he visited this summer on assignment with WGN-TV in Chicago:

Be sure to un-mute the video …

’cause Marcus is a world-class screamer

Marcus Leshock and Andy Hine Returning on Thunderbird

Marcus also took a ride on Thunderbird when he was here in June.

That’s Andy Hine, president of the Roller Coaster Club of Great Britain, sitting next to him.

Are you “coaster crazy”? Then you might want to look into joining a Coaster Club. And if you are a memeber of one of our ten Partner Clubs (listed on our HoliWood Nights page) you’ll be eligible to register for our special event for enthusiasts: HoliWood Nights! (Check out our movie theme for 2019 – surely you won’t want to miss it!)

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