By Paula @ Holiday World

The other morning, when the frost was on the pumpkin-colored coaster, Stephen and Josh bundled up first thing and took some gorgeous photos.

Including this panoramic view:

Voyage and Thunderbird Frosty Panorama

I remember standing in the doorway that connects our three offices and asking:

How can we possibly use this photo?

It is so lovely. Breathtaking, even.

But so … wide!

The answer came from our HoliWood Nights Facebook Group. Specifically, coaster enthusiast Matt Scott:

three monitors of coaster photos

Matt is a Mechanical Engineer at McCarthy Engineering in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. He designs HVAC systems for all kinds of buildings.

Matt says: I’ve lived in Pennsylvania since November 2007. I’m originally from Des Moines, Iowa. I’ve been a roller coaster enthusiast since I was a kid in the ’80s and have been visiting Holiday World since the Stark Raven Mad event in 1998.  

By the way, he’s known as AV Matt or Acoustic Viscosity in the online roller coaster enthusiast community. He’s that guy on CoasterBuzz who came up with the name for our annual HoliWood Nights event for coaster enthusiasts.

Thanks, Matt! We’re glad you don’t mind us getting a little frosty now and then.
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