By Paula @ Holiday World

“Yep, he’s real!” is a phrase we hear pretty often here in the town of Santa Claus.

And today, hundreds of thousands of YouTubers are hearing it as well, from Rhett & Link.

At the very end of this Good Mythical Morning episode, our very own Santa statue gets a cameo:

The rest of the video is pretty entertaining as well.

And educational.

I was going to mention that I’ve apparently been asleep at the wheel in not having heard of Rhett & Link before. But there was something oddly familiar about them. I wondered if they were the pair behind a hilarious commercial made for a drugstore in our neighboring town of Corydon.

Indeed they were.

It’s nice to know those two clever engineers from North Carolina believe.

So does this guy

Mick Foley at Santa statue

Click here to listen to Mick Foley’s 2016 podcast interview about working on his Saint Mick memoir here at the park. He’s a great storyteller!

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