By Josh @ Holiday World

As another calendar year comes to a close, let’s reminisce about our top Facebook videos from 2018:

A Pre-Season Flight

With 100 days until opening, we launched Thunderbird and streamed the video live for fans. This pre-season launch served to swap the two trains, which were midway through off-season maintenance.

Read more in this HoliBlog post.

By the Numbers: If all 51,000 views of this video were watched back to back, we just knocked out 71 days of that 100 day wait till Opening Day!

A Head-Spinning Voyage

Up next, let’s take a Voyage. This was shot with our 360 camera, so you can catch all the cool views that you may have missed on your last ride.

… or watch here on YouTube:

By The Numbers: More than 41,000 people watched this video. If we added up how far The Voyage traveled in 41,000 trips, it would be enough to circle Planet Earth. Twice!

A Moment of Calm

Located in our First Aid building, our Calming Room is for Guests who will benefit from a quiet, relaxing break from the park’s sensory stimulation. You can learn more about it in this HoliBlog post.

By the Numbers: This video was watched for 22,500 minutes. If we broke that down into 30-minute sessions (the length of time for which you can reserve the Calming Room), that would come out to 750 reservations.

Don’t Look Back!

Our most popular Facebook post this year was a 360-degree video shot on The Legend. Be sure to click and drag your mouse if you’re watching on a desktop computer or move your phone to look around on a mobile device!

Here it is on our YouTube channel:

By the Numbers: If all 53,000 people who viewed this video wanted to take a ride, we’d fill 2,209 trains!

Facebook facts from 2018

  • More than 32,000 guests checked in while visiting the park
  • Our fans watched 576,770 minutes of video (that’s 400 days!)
  • Our fans left more than 16,000 comments

Thanks for taking this ride with us, and be sure to like our Facebook page if you haven’t already.

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