By Paula @ Holiday World

If you have a 2019 Season Pass or a Platinum Season Pass, we’ve got some extra perks for you!

Your Pass will come loaded with the following deals, which can each be used once during the 2019 season:

  • Merchandise*

    • Additional 20% off Cotton Candy Tub at any shop
    • Additional 20% off one Holidog, Safari Sam, Kitty Claws or George the Eagle character mug; these mugs are pictured below and include the park logo on the back
Character Mugs

Your Season Pass comes with an additional 20% discount off your choice of one character mug

  • Food 

    • Additional $1 off Smoothie at Bahari Wave Shaved Ice
    • Additional $1 off Loaded Bacon, Ranch & Cheese Tots at SnackHouse
    • These two food offers are subject to availability and menu substitutions
  • Games

    • $1 off a play at Headless Horseman
    • 10 Balls for $5 at Milk Cans

*The Merchandise discount is in addition to your regular Season Pass discounts.

Season Passholders save on Cotton Candy bucketsTo collect each deal, please be sure to mention it to the cashier and present your Pass to be scanned.

If you’re still deciding which Pass you want to get, here’s the list of perks each type offers in 2019. If you already have your passes and want to upgrade (from Summer Fun Card to Season Pass, for example), you can do so for $30 either at the park or by calling 1-800-467-2682.

Deals are available once per passholder per season and are subject to change. We’ll keep this post updated with any permanent changes to these offers.

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22 Responses to “More Season Pass Perks”

  1. Carol Evans

    If I buy, for instance, 3 passes, 1 for me and 2 for the grandkids, can I use those two passes for my other grandchildren? Or are they specific to each person?
    BTW…I love Holiday World!! LOL

      • charity

        one idea would be to offer family passes, similar to the Louisville zoo does, this way families with more than one child could afford to visit.

      • Marie Hasselbrinck

        You say the season pass tickets have photos. I just bought mine online for 2020. How do I get the photo season pass?

        • Josh @ Holiday World

          Just bring your Pass voucher to our Season Pass Room to the left of the Front Gate to have your Pass processed. You can do it any time the park is open in 2019 or on our Early Pass Processing Dates in the spring – we’ll publish those dates on our website closer to the start of the 2020 season.

  2. Monica Maria Kellems

    You need to word the $25.00 getting someone in with a platinum season pass I have only used mine once and brought my husband and his two boys and got them in for $25.00 and so I’m confused can I only bring someone for $25.00 three more times or five times. So is it six people or six times.

    • Leah Koch

      It’s six people. You may use those all at one time or six individual times, so you’ll have three more tickets available at that price. Thanks!

  3. Elizabeth Webb

    I just bought season passes for the 2020 year on the monthly budget. Today is August 8 2019 can I use them for the rest of this season or do I have to wait till next season?

  4. lisa

    I am thinking of purchasing the PSP on the monthly payment plan for my family for 2020 .. I was wondering if we can use them to go anytime now for this year also

  5. Lori Haun

    I purchased a 2019 season pass for my grandson who was unable to use it.. can that be forwarded to 2020?

  6. Danielle Williams

    My daughter has a 2019 Season Pass, does she have the Bring a Friend for $25: Up to Six Times (Sunday – Friday) option or just the Bring a Friend for $25: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Sundays during HHW option? We are coming to the park on Sun 10/20 so I am just trying to see what our options are.

    Thanks so much!!!

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      2019 Season Passholders have Bring A Friend for $25 tickets available on Sundays during Happy Halloween Weekends. Platinum Season Passholders also receive an additional 6 that can be used on any day but Saturdays.

      • Danielle Williams

        Thank you Josh for responding. So just to confirm, my daughter can bring only 1 friend with her for $25 say for this Sunday 10/20/19? Just want to make sure I completely understand to let her know.

        • Josh @ Holiday World

          Yes, every regular Season Passholder can get one $25 Bring A Friend ticket any Sunday during Happy Halloween Weekends.

  7. Lisa O’Brien

    We have season passes for 2019, not platinum, are these good for the Halloween weekends?

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      Yes, if you have 2019 Season Passes, you can use those to visit during Happy Halloween Weekends!

  8. Terri C Kennedy

    Our dept is wanting to purchase a season pass for our Supervisor and her son who visit serveral times to your park during the season. What is our best option for her and her son for us to purchase as a Christmas gift for the 2020 season? We purchase a pass and then pay extra each visit for one to enter and is their a limit on visit for the extra. Just wanting to make sure of how it works.