By Paula @ Holiday World

Ever wonder how many people it takes to keep Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari so clean, friendly, safe, and fun?

There are nearly 100 of us here year round. And this time of year, we start accepting applications for our 2,200 seasonal positions.

We’re like a small city, with all types of jobs

Here are just a few …

Take a look over on our Jobs page to learn more about available positions, perks (free Season Pass, anyone?), employee transportation, and to Apply Online.

When do we open for the 2019 season? Holiday World opens on May 4, with a special preview for Platinum Season Passholders on May 3.

We’re gearing up for our best season ever!
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18 Responses to “Apply now!”

  1. Alyssa Brickey

    I love holiday world and i would like to be more interacted with familys.

    • Simi

      I love Holiday World and I am excited for get a work and my mom would proud to me.

  2. Emma Horrom

    I worked at Holiday World in 2015 and I had soo much fun! I learned so many responsibilities and mad wonderful friends! I loved working with all the other workers and being able to be around people! I enjoyed being able to serve the guests that came and got food. Working here taught me the responsibility to check in and out everyday and making sure I did everything I was supposed to to start work each and everyday. I would love to work here again but this time as a slide attendant. I need money for college and I’d love to make new friends.

  3. Samantha Lindsey

    I really enjoyed going to Holiday World when i was a little girl and i thought it would be pleasant to get a job there as a teenager that works there during the summer and have a smile on my face no matter what because i remember the fun i used to have when i was a little girl.

  4. Haley Soden

    I would love to save enough money to help my grandmother with whatever she needs.

  5. lorelei

    I am really excited to get a job this summer and the first job I thought I should look into was Holiday World. My dad works there and every time I go there over the summer they are so nice and I feel it would be a nice place to work.

  6. thomas white

    i would love to work here i think it would be lots of fun and this will be my first job. so this is were i want to start. also we come here every year

  7. Jasmin glaser

    I would love to work for holiday World because I need to my mom with the bills, and so we have extra cash when we need it.