By Paula @ Holiday World

There are so many holidays each day that entire websites exist just to list them.

Today, it’s Get Out Your Guitar Day.

Presumably, this is to chide the majority of us whose guitars are gathering dust (now that adulthood has taken over).

Happily, Holidog will never grow up!

Holidog and guitar

This rockin’ Holidog was so fun, we made it into a downloadable coloring page. So maybe if your guitar isn’t exactly in playing form these days, you can still celebrate today’s holiday by rounding up some crayons and coloring in this pup:

Rockin' Holidog Coloring Page

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2 Responses to “Color me Holidog”

  1. Miriam

    Uh, guys… tonight at dinner we were having a conversation about Halloween weekends, the last time we were at Holiday World when Splashin’ Safari was open, why Thanksgiving doesn’t have a mascot, the characters costumes- does HoliDog have a tshirt? Pants? I googled for an image of HoliDog and one of the first results with a clear image was the Holiblog post from 2/11/19. It had too clear of an image. Now we only wish that HoliDog had pants. Oof.