By Paula @ Holiday World

A few years back, we introduced Pick Your Price ticket discounts, which give you the opportunity to shop around for the day and price that suits you best.

Last year, we add another option, called 2 Day Flex Tickets.

Now we also offer 3 Day Flex Tickets

Raging Rapids Here are some details:

  • The 2 Day Flex Tickets provide you with park admission on two separate days within one week’s time
  • The 3 Day Flex Tickets provide you with park admission on three separate days within one week’s time
  • The “clock” starts the first day you use the ticket; after that day, you must use the rest of your multi-day ticket within the next six calendar days
  • 2 Day and 3 Day Flex Tickets will be available online only through September 1 (for 2 Day) and August 4 (for 3 Day)

Another ticket option

If you’re planning to visit two days in a row, your best bet is still to purchase your Day 1 tickets online. Then during your visit, buy Next Day Tickets at the park for $30 each.

We sure hope this additional option will help you plan your best visit ever to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari!
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20 Responses to “Flex Tickets get even Flexier”

  1. Julie Moore

    We love staying at Lake Rudolph Campground ! It’s so convenient to be able to shuttle back and forth from the campground to Holiday World as many times as we want throughout the day – and the campground is so clean !

  2. Joe Colella

    Are fastpass tickets available to purchase to make wait times shorter?

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      We don’t sell skip-the-line passes, but do have a single-use Front of the Line pass offered as a prize at The Plinko Wall game.

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      You can use a flex ticket two days in a row, though it might be cheaper to purchase a $30 next day ticket on the day of your first visit.

  3. Jackie

    Do you know longer offer a veteran’s discount?
    Are children 2 and under free?
    Thank you.

  4. Marchee Day

    Yes I would love to be able to take a much deserved vacation and my grandkids and their dads too.
    I know we all could use this.
    Thank you
    Marchee Day

  5. Diana Francis

    Will I be able to print out 2-day flex tickets or are they sent only by mail to my house?

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      You can print them out or we can scan them right on your phone!

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      Yes, Next Day tickets are $30 during the normal season and $20 during Happy Halloween Weekends.