By Paula @ Holiday World

Snow? No, thank goodness, we’re talking about the arrival of snow globes on the first day of spring.

The Vernal Equinox, if you will. One of only two days each year when day and night are equal. Tomorrow, the days grow just a little bit longer.

We’ll have two new snow globes in the shops this season.

Here’s the Santa Statue Snow Globe:

Santa Statue Snow Globe

Our second design is a swirling blizzard of iconic Holiday World rides and symbols.

You may remember this photo from Social media a few months ago:

We were really tickled with all the comments that it looked good enough to eat! From waffles to peanut butter to brown sugar, that tweet set off some powerful cravings.

Here, at last, is the final look (front and back):

Snow Globe, featuring Mammoth

This side of the snow globe features Mammoth, Thunderbird, and our water tower, with Voyage in the background

Snow Globe, featuring Wildebeest

This side of the snow globe features Wildebeest, The Voyage and Thunderbird, plus our iconic water tower

Watch for these snow globes in our shops when we open in May.
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One Response to “Snow on the first day of spring?”

  1. Suzie Worman

    Looking to get a Santa statue snow globe- just visited the park and you did not have any
    Wondered if you could ship one