By Paula @ Holiday World

Still on the fence about Season Passes for this year?

Here are six perks you might not know about:

1. Visit when you want: As a mom (and now a grandma), I have to say this is my favorite. There’s nothing like the feeling of being able to visit when you want – and for as long or short as you’d like. You can plan a visit or just drop by on a whim. I’ve even spoken with some moms who bring their smaller children over a few mornings each week for Santa’s Storytime and lunch before heading home for nap time. And if you don’t get everything done in one visit? No worries! The “leftovers” will keep till your next visit!

Season Passholders quickly realize that a less-than-perfect weather forecast can be a great day to visit. Fewer families tend to visit when stormy weather is predicted, so lines are shorter – and often much shorter. If the day does include a storm, you won’t mind cutting your day short or waiting for rides to reopen, because you know you can come back again and again!

Season Passes and Platinum Season Passes offer unlimited visits during the season; Summer Fun Card provide Sunday through Friday admission through Labor Day.

2. Discounts: Use your Platinum Season Pass in the park for 20% savings in our shops and restaurants. Plus, you can add HoliCash to your Season Pass – no need to wear a wristband! If you have regular Season Passes, your discount is 10%.

Reindeer Games Family3. Platinum Preview Party: Everyone who has a Platinum Pass is invited to our Platinum Preview Party on May 3, with rides, prizes, and new food sampling. Platinum Passholders also receive a monthly 99-cent treat offer.

4. Extra Savings: Season Passholders and Platinum Season Passholders receive even more deals for Food, Games, and Merchandise.

5. Are you a scrapbooker? The head shots on our Season Passes provide a sweet way to keep track of the years as your little ones grow from riding Dasher’s Seahorses to Scarecrow Scrambler and from The Raven to Thunderbird. (They grow up so fast!)

6. Bring a Friend for $25: Season Passholders can bring a friend with them for $25 on Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and Sundays during Happy Halloween Weekends. Platinum Passholders get an additional six days of their choice (Sundays through Fridays) to use the Bring a Friend discount.

Bonus Tip: Consider either keeping your Season Passes in your car, so you don’t forget them at home on the counter, or spend an extra $5 per Pass to have a second copy made. This is also handy if you want your babysitter or grandparents to keep a set on hand.

Here’s the link to the full list of benefits for Season Passholders. If you’d like to upgrade Season Passes to Platinum (or Summer Fun Cards to Season Passes), it’s $30 per pass. Just call us at 1-800-467-2682 or make the upgrade when you have your passes made. The dates Early Processing for Season Passes start soon!
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27 Responses to “Season Passes: 6 Perks You Might Not Know About”

    • Paula @ Holiday World

      Thanks for asking, Sylvia!
      2015 Season Passholders may use our Bring A Friend Discount ($20) each Sunday during Happy Halloween Weekends.
      In addition, 2015 Season Passholders who purchase a 2016 Platinum Season Pass may Bring A Friend free every Sunday during 2015 Happy Halloween Weekends (2016 Platinum Season Pass must be paid in full; offer not available with Easy Pay option).

  1. Karlene

    I ordered season passes for 2016 and had season passes for 2015. What info is required to get their 2016 pass. I did not print out a receipt but have my confirmation number.

  2. Marti

    What is the best time (for the cheapest rate) to purchase tickets around Christmas …. For the following year?
    I’m a single mom looking for the cheapest season pass for next year .

  3. Tiffany

    What are the days going through platinum pass holders can bring a friend for a discounted ticket or free?

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      Platinum Season Passholders can use their Bring A Friend tickets on any day of the week except Saturday. You can use up to all 6 on the same day as well.

  4. Adrienne Hamm

    I have been coming there to Holiday World since I was a child in the Santa Clause Land days. I have to kids of my own now, one a pre-teen and one just hit school age. Up until a few years ago we had never bought season passes even though we only live 45 minutes from the park. We didn’t know what we were missing as we are on our 3rd year of platinum season passes. My children love to go to Holiday World and really I still enjoy it too, off weather days are the best and it doesn’t bother us now because we know we can come back whenever we want. Thank you Holiday World for the opportunity for good clean family fun!!

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      Our Season Passes are processed for individuals. They would only cover the person whose photo is on the Pass.

  5. Judy Durcholz

    My neice says she can get addition 6 people in for $25 a ticket because she has a season pass.I don’t want to get up to the gate & have to pay more than that if she is wrong.can you see if this is true.

  6. Jessica Hall

    Does a Season Pass cover a family of 4 or do we have to buy a season pass per person?

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      Our Season Passes are each processed for an individual and have their pictures on the back. Each Pass is per person.

  7. Giavana

    With the platinum season pass, do you have to buy the tickets with bring a friend half off online or in person? I’m going in about a month and I don’t want there to be a problem because I’m going with a few friends that never done this before(neither have I)

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      You can only purchase those at the park on the day you’re visiting with friends.

  8. Keith Adams

    For we summer pass holders, would you consider allowing us Saturday’s and Sunday’s after schools have started…you know the weekends in August. Also, the larger floating chairs were such a blessing. The little floating chairs really don’ t work for bigger people. Thanks