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48 Hours' correspondant Richard Schlesinger and park president Will Koch

48 Hours correspondant Richard Schlesinger and park president Will Koch

What fun it is to revisit our past – with oh so many wonderful stories to tell from our 73 years! This includes a visit from CBS News!

Here’s a share of a video our ACE friend Sean posted on YouTube. (ACE = American Coaster Enthusiasts. Yes, that’s a thing.)

For the backstory about the day CBS’s 48 Hours came to town to ride The Raven back in 1995, check out this HoliBlog post.

The day was May 19, 1995. (I now know May 19 was also the day Raging Rapids debuted – five years earlier) and CBS correspondent Richard Schlesinger wanted to learn why thrill seekers seek thrills (say that one five times fast!).

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3 Responses to “The day CBS News came to town”

  1. Sean Flaharty

    Many thanks for sharing this. This segment was actually my first introduction to Holiday World and I knew I had to visit the park that year, which I did. Looking forward to Holliwood Nights!