By Paula @ Holiday World

Have you seen The Bucket List? It was a really popular movie back in 2007 and popularized the term “bucket list.” It’s a funny but ultimately sad story about making the most out of life. Of course, this comes with the understanding that end-of-life is inevitable.

And that leads me to this story about our original bucket attraction, Monsoon Lagoon.

It’s been around nearly forever, right?

Here’s a snip from our 1998 brochure

We introduced Monsoon Lagoon to our water park that year. Splashin’ Safari was only five years old at the time.

1998 brochure clip

Come to think of it, the entire water-park industry was young then. We’ve all come a long way in the past two decades. The life-expectancy quotient has increased as designers, uh … soaked in knowledge of how water attractions age.

After 21 great seasons of fun, it’s time to retire Monsoon Lagoon. The giant bucket has dumped its last waterfall onto delighted children below. In truth, it lasted longer than expected, and we’re grateful for that. And it’s good to know more recent models were built with a longer life expectancy in mind. (We’re talking about you, Kima Bay!)

On a lighter note here’s a bit of #HoWoHistory trivia: Long-time employee Joe Hevron made us all giggle in our 1997 naming meetings with his suggestion to call this water attraction the Leaky Tiki. 
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10 Responses to “The bucket list”

  1. Chelsea Sagez

    I remember this!!! SO excited to share these memories with my daughter

  2. Jessica Lynch

    I am heartbroken it was the best part of Holiday World. I just went here and it is not the same. Kima Bay is alright but it is no Monsoon Lagoon.

    • Charlie

      We had the same reaction on the 30th. No idea it was closed and our young guy was devastated. It was his favorite thing.
      Exact thoughts as you about Kimba.

    • Emerald

      Just found out on our last visit so disappointed I won’t be able to take my son when he’s old enough. Myself, my niece and other kids I’ve taken over the years even my dad loved the big bucket we called it. It was good to bring kids because it was centrally located, close to food bathrooms and only ad one exit to keep kids in one area especially when you take more than one kid. Kima Bay is more of a splash pad at least you could sit in the water and cool off while kids were enjoying monsoon Lagoon. Hopefully they remodel or rebuild one similar for older kids and the adults that enjoyed it. My husband and I walked over to kima Bay and I was overly crowded and concrete with some water. ?

  3. Cindy

    My daughter is heartbroken over this one, she got hurt one time on the other one with a big bucket and now won’t go near it. 🙁 this place was the substitute for the really long lines with the water rides.

  4. Kurt Courtney

    We love Holiday World. It is one of our favorite places. We were very disappointed to hear about Monsoon Lagoon. Was it open in 2019 at all? Why can’t it stay open for the rest of 2019? We were looking forward to visiting in July and having that there particularly for our youngest. Lima Bay is not nearly as fun as Monsoon Lagoon. Still looking forward to visiting just very disappointed.

  5. Terri

    We were so sad when we went and Monsoon Lagoon was fenced off. Kimba Bay just isn’t the same.

  6. Geraldine Sutton

    I’m so glad my children and grandchildren were able to have fun in it before it closed. My oldest granddaughter especially loved it. Definitely hope they put in something similar.