By Leah Koch

Holiday World’s Festive Flurries are new this year. And people are noticing. 

Well… “People” is noticing. 

That’s right! Our Festive Flurries were featured alongside our Thanksgiving Dinner from Plymouth Rock Cafe in a list of “20 Amusement Park Foods from Across the Country That Everyone Needs to Try at Least Once.” 

I’m glad to see our Festive Flurries featured because they answer one of the most important dilemmas of my life: What do you want to eat for dessert? 

Do you stick to a classic milkshake or flurry?

Do you go with a cookie?

But what if you want a candy bar?

Peanut Butter Festive Flurry Closeup at Fountain

If you think I’m writing this blog post and not thinking about the Peanut Butter Festive Flurry… you are sadly mistaken

What about cake?

At Holiday World, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose just a milkshake–or even just a flurry. Our festive flurries combine some of the best of the dessert world into one delicious cup:

The Reese’s Peanut Butter Festive Flurry features a peanut butter flurry with a whipped cream topping and two Reese’s cups. 

The Red Velvet Festive Flurry involves a piece of Red Velvet cake on top. 

You get the idea here… and there are four flavors! Just take a look at these beauties!

Where to find them:

Festive Flurries are available today at Sugarplum Scoop Shoppe (located in Santa’s Merry Marketplace):

  • Resse’s Peanut Butter
  • Red Velvet Cupcake
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • Monster Cookie
Festive Flurries - Sugarplum Scoop Shoppe

Festive Flurries available in Sugarplum Scoop Shoppe

So what are you waiting for? “People” said you have to try them at least once!

I’ll be here trying all of them at least once. 

Leah Sneaking a Sip of the Strawberry Shortcake Flurry

Me, sneaking my Strawberry Shortcake Flurry















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6 Responses to “‘People’ loves our Festive Flurries”

  1. Jennifer

    I work at a Coffee Shop and make blasts and milkshakes!!- latte shake is my favorite. Wtg HW!

  2. Melinda Haas

    Dippin Dots and Santa Claus Indiana…..what a great day that would make!

  3. Joshua

    Couldn’t find these flurries. Asked around, and nobody could point me in the right direction. Was looking forward to trying the s’mores.