By Leah Koch

If you’re like me, you can drain your battery in a day at a theme park.

Between taking photos, browsing the web waiting in line, checking show times, and looking up ride stats, even the best phone batteries cave under the pressure. 

So I charge my battery overnight and bring a power bank. But I’m not always the best at making sure that power bank is fully charged. 

Enter my BFF, Fuel Rod

If you haven’t heard of them, Fuel Rod has kiosks available in airports, train stations, theme parks, etc. They sell you a one-time rechargeable power bank for your phone (plus cables so you don’t have to bring your own).

After that, you can use the power bank until it dies and then pay only $1 to exchange it for a fully charged power bank.  

So if you’re a textbook battery-drainer like me, you’re in luck. 

We have four locations across Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari:


St. Nick’s Trading Company

Located in the first section (or the section to the far right)

St Nicks Fuel Rod Close


Splashin’ Safari

In Safari Outpost

Outpost Fuel Rod 2


Voyage Gift Shop

Turn right after you enter the gift shop when you’re finished riding The Voyage

Voyage Fuel Rod Closeup











Hevron’s Mercantile (By Thunderbird)

Hevron's Fuel Rod

Located to the far right wall as you face the entrance of the store.











So next time you’re visiting, if you find your phone battery dying, pick up a Fuel Rod. 

Oh and helpful hint: if you download the Fuel Rod app, you can get five exchanges for free!

Now if you need me, I’ll be looking up ride stats on my phone…

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    This is great! Holiday World keeps getting better…….And, it is already great!