By Leah Koch

Splashin’ Safari has officially closed for the season, and the only way to truly say goodbye is with a splash, right? 

We’re sad to see it close. We’re also excited that summer makes way for Happy Halloween Weekends which means pumpkin pie flurries (and hopefully some fall weather because my sweater collection needs some love). 

So to commemorate this bittersweet moment, our Attractions Management team did a celebratory leap. With our seasonal lifeguards and slide attendants cheering them on, VP James, Director Lori, and Water Park Manager Adam took a dip… in full uniform. 

Frankly, the video of them jumping in The Wave in full uniform was too good not to share…


That may be a wrap on the Splashin’ Safari season, but it’s not the end of the season for us. We’ve got pumpkin spice funnel cakes starting up this weekend plus two new shows for Happy Halloween Weekends. 

That said, our Splashin’ Safari employees worked hard this summer, and they deserve credit for it. To all our seasonal employees who have been out in the sun watching out for the safety of our Guests: thank you. We truly appreciate everything you do and how hard you’ve worked. 

Also, if you visit often and have favorite lifeguards, never fear–many of them continue working during Happy Halloween Weekends. You may just see a few in one of our walk-through attractions such as Holidog’s 3-D Adventure, Carnival Chaos, and ScareBNB. 

…And if you start feeling sad about Splashin’ Safari being closed, maybe play this video again. 

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One Response to “Splashin’ out of Summer”

  1. Pamela J Neff

    We started going to Holiday World when it was Santa Claus Land in May of 1981! Our daughter was 2…alot has happened over all these years. My husband of 25 years was killed in an accident…our 2 children grew up and go married and I now have 3 wonderful grandchildren. I don’t think there has been but a few years that I still didn’t travel to Holiday World…it’s been our big family get together for the past 8 years…I have had to start waiting on the kids/grandkids to ride the big rides(which is still hard for me not to get on!)but even though I now need a scooter to cover all the grounds…I still ride everything I can! We feel safe at Holiday World…it is one of the few parks where you don’t have the fear of, hearing bad language, and seeing fashion attire where we don’t want to cover the grandkids eyes! I thank you Holiday World for the memories!