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Each year the end of the season is bittersweet, but this year our 2019 Season ended with a new beginning.

We closed out our 2019 Season with a magical proposal! In early October, Derek reached out to our team for help planning a proposal for his son. Logan and his girlfriend Ashley were traveling here from California to spend time with family at Holiday World. Our team considered the different fountains and scenery that would be nice. Leah recommended we reach out to Brandon Baggett with the LOL Comedy Magic Show. Brandon was instantly on board! Brandon and the Holiday World team made a plan for the proposal. We arranged to meet Logan and Derek twenty minutes prior to show time at the Hoosier Celebration Theater.

They told their group they were going to rent a stroller, so we could meet to go over the details. 

Brandon and AJ gave Logan a walk through of the plan he crafted for the proposal.

Brandon and AJ gave Logan a walk through of the plan he crafted for the proposal.

While Logan was being shown the plan, our team saved seats for their family so Brandon would know where to look for Ashley. Before they arrived, the reserved tape was removed and Logan passed the ring off to Luke.
Luke smiling with Ashley's ring!

Luke didn’t enjoy his role as ring bearer one bit! Can’t you tell?

All that was left to do was enjoy Brandon’s show while we waited for the big moment! Towards the end, Brandon asked where everyone was from, from the corner you could hear a group saying CALIFORNIA.

Brandon played it off perfectly! What? Someone from California? Come on stage!

Brandon showed our California friend snow!

Brandon showed our California friend snow!

While Ashley was being invited up, our team got Logan in place backstage. Brandon showed her snow for the very first time and kept the crowd engaged. After the snow, he asked Ashley to stay on the stage for his final act. Every show Brandon makes a motorcycle appear, but this time Logan was on it!
Logan got down on one knee to propose!

Logan got down on one knee to propose!

With a big smile he got down on one knee and she said yes!

Brandon announces the good news!

Brandon announces the good news!

We work hard to be a place where families make memories they will cherish for a lifetime. A special thanks to this family for choosing to share your moment with us and Brandon for making it happen. We can’t think of a better way to close out a season!

Check out Logan and Ashley’s magical proposal here:

Holiday World is no stranger to love! We love hearing stories about couples who met here or took someone here as a first date.  Are you part of a HoliCouple? Tell us about it in the comments below!
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