By Leah Koch

When you’re the only park that celebrates Christmas, Thanksgiving, 4th of July, and Halloween every day, you learn a thing or two about those holidays. So, while I don’t want to brag… I have to say that Holiday World knows how to have a Happy Halloween done right. 

This morning our full-time staff all piled into our training room for one of our monthly meetings. 

Except today was different. Today was Halloween. 

So HR decided to hold a costume contest. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that this group knows how to Halloween. 

Full-time employees dressed up for Halloween

Our attractions team dressed up as the cast of Wreck-It Ralph

Attractions Wrecking It (Dressed as Wreck-It Ralph characters)

Attractions (from left to right): Adam as Fix-It Felix, Lori as Vanellope von Schweetz, and Alan as Wreck-It Ralph












Lisa from our Food & Beverage department dressed up as Dippin’ Dots (and won, might I add).

 Lisa dressed as Dippin' Dots    Lisa as Dippin' Dots full picture

(It took her a while to get a hand out to accept her award)

Casey, our I.T. Director dressed as “Cheetah Chased.” I’ll let the .gif here speak for itself…


Casey-Cheetah Chased

Run, Casey, Run!!!

We all had fun, but it was time to get back to work. 

Our newest member of I.T. (and second-place winner) Kenny got back to his “lab.” (Get it?)

KennyStein in the Lab

From all of us here at Holiday World, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween! 



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