By Sabrina @ Holiday World

We always say that theme parks get in your blood–once you’ve joined this industry, it’s hard to picture yourself doing anything else. So while we’ve been working from home we’ve had to get creative to keep our hustle alive under quarantine. We hope you enjoy these fun photo’s of our team doing what we love- home edition:

To kick things off, Audrey from Sales is sticking to local calls these days while encouraging her budding artists.


Madeline from Food & Beverage is staying safe and honing her skills in the kitchen. Pretzels are, after all, one of the five main theme park food groups. 

What are the five main theme park food groups, you ask? Free Unlimited Soft Drinks, Pretzels, Pizzas, Deep Fried Foods–including funnel cakes, Oreos, and this year avocado, and Ice Cream (including Udderly Blue, Dippin’ Dots, and all those Festive Flurries we love.* 



Michael from Games is keeping his skills strong, with assistance from his little man! 


Cathy from Park Services may not be able to prep the midways for the season right now, but she’s keeping her debris-blowing form strong as she beautifies her own backyard paradise.


Lori handles all the lockers and rentals in the park–including our Holidog Inn Kennels. Looks like her pup is ready for Lori to take her Innkeeper skills back to Holiday World.



Casey from I.T. is preparing the next generation with lessons on wiring: 

Casey is also making sure the Cambron household knows there is a way to install register paper and there is a way to install toilet paper and they are NOT the same. Any guesses? Post them below!!



Sabrina from Communications is having a ruff time getting a decent interview during the quarantine.


Somehow even when he’s home, Kenny from I.T. can’t seem to avoid a Blue Screen of Death… Hope his kiddos didn’t lose any important files!




Aaron from Maintenance and Construction doesn’t have time for much silliness–he’s creating our schedules to get attractions ready as soon as possible once we’re back!


Vanessa from Merchandise can’t help but teach her dapper team members how to arrange their home items. 



Dave from Sales is keeping his skills strong–and trying to arrange a picnic or a group outing to the Holidog Inn.


Josh from Communications has been helping create our puzzles at our Digital FunTown, but he’s also testing the product these days!


Bryan from Sales has set up shop in his kitchen! We think his home market has already been saturated. 


Quarantine has Amy from our Warehouse organizing and managing her own supplies. And keeping that safe distance from the ceiling! 


Ashley can’t help but market the newest attraction in her own backyard.


Santa may be up at the North Pole waiting for a safe journey here, but Amanda from Entertainment is ready to step in as an elf now!



Samantha from Cash Control has found a way to keep her skills sharp. If she can’t be at a theme park, why not Park Place? 



And finally Leah Koch can’t help but keep Christmas alive… and kick off her own tiny amusement park with a carousel. 


*Just kidding about theme park food–we don’t forget about how important fruits, veggies, and non-soda beverages (such as water) are. Balance is always important. Even at theme parks. 


Clearly we’re all in missing Holiday World the same way you are. Stay safe, healthy, and sane, and we hope to see you soon!


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3 Responses to “Hustling while Hunkered Down”

  1. SUSan

    Toilet paper always goes over. Also, take that little car out (Jasper and surrounding areas) and about and pass out some free one day passes. Check out neighborhoods.

  2. Candy

    We booked last year for the end of June at the camp grounds next door just so we can finally visit the water park cause we never been we always do Halloween and all water parks are closed then We have patently been waiting hoping this virus wouldn’t affect our trip just to see the water park will not open until July this sucks for us but I understand you are doing this to keep the park and public safe debating on canceling and trying again for 2021 we are booked for October for Halloween at the lake already we will most definitely be there but the water park will be closed

  3. Matthew Sabo

    Love seeing all the photos, and that you’re all as excited as we are about opening and getting down to the business of having fun, just like us! We’ll be there over the 4th of July Holiday, and in many ways it’ll feel like Christmas in July! And not just in the Christmas part of the park – but also in getting back into some sense of normalcy, and you all are helping with that! For that, we’re most grateful! Grateful, which would put us into the Thanksgiving area of the park! Scary where I’m going with this comment! Like what I did there? Managed to get in that Halloween reference? I’ll stop now, keeping my arms and hands inside the rides at all times, and looking forward to enjoying the rest of my day at Holiday World and Splashing Safari in Beautiful Santa Clause, Indiana!