By Leah Koch

We (I) recently discovered from IAAPA historian Jim Futrell (shameless plug listen to our interview with him here) that Santa Claus Land kind of has two opening days, so we get to celebrate 75 years twice! 

Just kidding, we’re an amusement park–everyone knows we celebrate our birthdays EVERY day of our birthday year, and some parks take several years to celebrate one birthday.  

There’s August 3, 1946, the one we celebrated our 75th Birthday with free reproduced park maps…

image of reproduced park maps handed out

…Recreated Santa Claus Land cookies…

Santa Claus Land Cookies Created for August 3

…and a new plaque for celebrating the past three generations? 

75th Dedication Plaque

You know. The day that one of our Fourth-Generation Owners got a little choked up at the sheer impressiveness of what the previous three generations had accomplished and how wonderful and overwhelming it was to be in the midst of a true community centered around this wonderful place that’s made happy memories for literally millions of families? 


Yes. That August 3. 

August 3 is the day we’ve always celebrated. That’s birthday #1. 

But we held a Grand Opening on September 1. 

Read about it here:

Grand OpeningGrand Opening 31 Aug 1946, Sat Princeton Daily Clarion (Princeton, Indiana)

You know what? I like August 3, but I think we’ll keep celebrating today, and for the rest of the season. 

Happy 75 Years to every one of our team who has helped get us here. And thank you to the Guests who visit year after year.  And thank you to the three generations who have gone before. May we continue to bring happy memories to families for years to come. 


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2 Responses to “Happy Birthday to us… Part 2!”

  1. Terri Bartlett

    In 1961, my grandparents took my brother and I to Santa Claus Land for the first time when I was 3yrs old. I have pics of us sitting on Santa’s lap, and had tons of fun on the children’s rides and toy shop. It’s totally amazing to see how much the Park has grown over the years. I have taken my son and grandchildren there as well. A huge THANK YOU to each generation of the Koch Family and the thousands of employees that served the guests to make it the best place to create cherished memories with family and friends! ???