Holiday World & Multigenerational Travel Are A Perfect Match

After my first granddaughter was born, we had to re-think our family vacation plans. I now had to find activities suitable for adults, teens, and a toddler. As many of you already know, this is often far easier said than done.

Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks to help ensure our multi-generational travel itinerary is a success.

Plan Your Location with Purpose

The first, and most important step in planning multi-generational travel is envisioning the intent of your vacation and selecting a location that is jam-packed with interests for all ages.

Think about what you really want from your vacation. Likely, it’s spending quality time together as a family. With this in mind, ask yourself if the location you’ve chosen will offer you the opportunity to have plenty of shared experiences.

This is the main reason why we turn to Santa Claus, Indiana, and Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari repeatedly for family gatherings. Both town and theme park specialize in entertaining multi-generational travelers with a variety of family-oriented resorts, activities, shops, and scenic stops. There’s a wealth of non-stop fun festivities and the opportunity to have many restful moments, such as picnic stops and campfire gatherings.

Consider Mobility Needs

Cities and attractions that are easy to get around in, or better yet have activity locations in close proximately keep “are we there yet?” syndrome to a minimum. They prevent tired traveler meltdowns which is a true blessing, especially when traveling with children.

Two of Santa Claus, Indiana’s major attractions – Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari and Sun Outdoors Lake Rudolph – are a skip away from each other. In fact, you can walk or take a shuttle from one to the other.

Everything else in the town from dining to grocery stores to museums are easily accessible with a short car ride.

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari also offer accommodation for guests young and old who have special needs. Most of the rides are accessible to those with disabilities, all restaurants and gift shops in Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari are wheelchair accessible, and there’s even a calming room available on site. Learn more about their thoughtful accessibility options at

Review the Attractions

Once you’ve identified a potential vacation spot for your multi-generational travel, start investigating each attraction in the area. Will there be a range of activities for kids of all ages in your group? Does the attraction have something of interest for everyone in your travel party?

Can you envision your family enjoying the area and the attractions? If you can picture your family immediately having fun, it’s likely you found a winning vacation spot.


Before I ever visited Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, I could easily picture my family enjoying fun in the sun at the water park, celebrating the festivities in each holiday area, and even venturing to take on some of the more extreme activities like Thunderbird, the rollercoaster that launches riders from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds (perfect for teens and thrill seekers)!

Younger kids love dedicated areas like Holidog’s FunTown filled with rides and attractions just for them. Everyone enjoys the daily shows (including the special nighttime Holidays In The Sky drone show,) family rides like Gobbler Getaway, arcade areas, wave pools, and the wide variety of dining options.

Set Your Expectations

It’s clear you’ve found the ideal vacation spot, the dates are set, and everyone is on board with the plan. Now is the time to discuss a few key points such as who is responsible for booking travel plans, lodging and attraction tickets and what is most important for your family to experience during the trip.

If you set too intense of a schedule and go in with an expectation that everyone will experience every moment of the trip as a multi-generational family, your trip will be less-than-ideal. Intense schedules are often too much for anyone to handle, let alone the youngest in your crowd. Lack of sleep and drains on energy will quickly fizzle the vacation out.

Instead, have everyone agree on a few key moments that you will all share, such as a family photo with the Santa Claus statue in the Christmas section of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari or family meal at the Plymouth Rock Café in the Thanksgiving section.

In fact, mealtimes are the best item to set in your itinerary, leaving everyone free to explore as they wish throughout the day. That way, you are still coming together as a group daily, but allowing everyone time to play or rest as they see fit throughout the day.

Mealtime also offers time to sit and chat, to share the excitement of the day with each other, and to create wonderful memories and new family traditions on your trip.

Bottom line, whatever your travel style, you’ll find plenty of joy and have a great start to a successful multi-generational vacation when you put a little thought in upfront and select an amazing family-friendly destination like Santa Claus, Indiana!

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HoliBlogger Barb WThis blog post was written by HoliBlogger Barb W.

Barb Webb is a sustainable living expert nesting just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. When she’s not chasing chickens around the farm or engaging in mock Jedi battles, she’s writing about country living, artisan culture, and exploring the roads less traveled.

An award-winning author, Barb is also the Owner/Editor of the popular blog where she shares her love of all things green and empowers others to live country life to the fullest. Her newest books “GETTING BAKED” and “GETTING LAID” are cheeky guides offering a fun, in-depth journey into sustainable living topics including traditional and medicinal gardening.

Holiday World: Then & Now

Even though there were five of us kids in a very middle class family, my parents did everything they could to take us on new adventures and let us have the best childhood we possibly could. The theme parks we would go to growing up were mostly in Indiana and Kentucky and some of my favorite memories were staying at Lake Rudolph and then going to Holiday World back in those days!

Having my own little family now and trying to give my daughter all the fun and memories I had, I was super excited to bring our tween/now teen to Holiday World this past season to explore it all for herself. Stepping back in the places I hadn’t been since I was a teen made me start to reflect on Holiday World then and now.

It was just as amazing as we remembered.

When I last went, we were living in Indianapolis, and it was an easy road trip down to Southern Indiana, being greeted by a town where it’s Christmas all year-round.

We have lived in Cincinnati, Ohio most of my daughter’s life, and that was just as easy a road trip to Santa Claus, Indiana.

One of their wooden roller coasters, The Raven, is similar to The Beast at Kings Island in Cincinnati. They both go out into the woods and hug close to the ground. The Beast had been my daughter’s favorite wooden roller coaster, so she couldn’t wait to ride its counterpart at Holiday World. It was the first thing she did when we got in the park. She had a blast!

Besides all the nostalgic memories that flooded me when we checked into our cottage at Lake Rudolph, I was flooded by the memories in Holiday World as well. We never got to stay in a holiday cottage at the campground and RV resort when I was a kid, so it felt super fancy this time around. If we hadn’t been so excited to take Adilyn to Holiday World for her first time, I might have slowed down and shared some old camping stories with her.

Even though Lake Rudolph is owned by Sun Outdoors now, they’ve still kept all the same delightful charm that was always there. We took the shuttle and got dropped off right at the front entrance to Holiday World (saved our walking legs for the park instead of the parking lot!).

When I had been younger and going to Holiday World, I had been way too scared to try roller coasters.

I think I was 16 by the time my mom finally coerced me onto one at another theme park, and she still has the picture of me crying and terrified while everyone else had their arms up, having the time of their lives. She has been in the process of moving across the country this past year, so I haven’t been able to track down the photos from back in those days. I wish I had been able to, so I could share with all of you, but the vivid imagery is still firmly planted in my mind.


My two favorite rides at Holiday World had been the Mayflower ship that swings you high into the air as the ship rocks back and forth, and the HallowSwings. I had tried a smaller version of the ride when my daughter was a little younger and we’d gone to a carnival. It took everything within me to not puke all over those poor kids as we swung round and round! My former thrill-ride loving self is not what it once was, much to my dismay.

Knowing this, I didn’t even attempt the swings at Holiday World this year. I DID get on the Mayflower, so proud of myself and saying how it looked so much smaller now as an adult. Whew! I got in the last row on the outside, which my daughter insisted on, and I have not screamed that much in years. Other moms were looking at me while I held on for dear life, and I didn’t care one bit. My hubby captured the whole ride on film, and we laughed so hard rewatching ourselves over and over. Even my daughter, with her young and able body, had held on for dear life right next to me.

I loved creating those memories with her.

As we walked all over the park and went to Splashin’ Safari, I realized that there was so much more there than I could even remember.

Being back as the parent now and being the one footing the bill, I was surprised by how affordable the food and the souvenirs were. It’s no wonder it had been one of my parents’ favorite places to take us and make us feel like we had the world at our fingertips.

Holiday World is a first-class act and the perfect place for families. Now that I’ve rediscovered it, and my family loves it just as much as I remember loving it then, we can’t wait to go back again and again now.

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This blog post was written by HoliBlogger Courtney S.

A Cincinnati mom that spent my teen years in Indianapolis, I remember Summers at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari fondly. My family and I love travel and theme parks. I own the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville Mom Collectives where we provide the best in trusted recommendations, tips, tricks, and resources to families in our communities. In my rare free moments, I like to write, read, draw, paint, game, go to the park, go to art museums, and try new foods. 

7 Things to Know About the Games at Holiday World

We know the rides and slides at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari are out of this world, but let’s not forget about the fun family games throughout the park. There are games perfect for everyone in the family.

To say my family is competitive is an understatement. When we took our extended family on our last visit to the park, the gameplay got very serious. Not just to win the biggest prizes but for bragging rights that we knew would last the rest of the family functions this year.

There are some almost secret (but not really) things you should know when it comes to the games at Holiday World to get the most out of them.

1. Purchase A Games Playbook for Savings & Perks

For $20, the Games Playbook comes with $25 in Games Bucks (redeemed on any of the games with the exception of Skeeball) plus $15 in additional coupons. Use the gaming coupons paired with the Games Bucks to maximize the benefits.

PLAYBOOK BONUS: The book also comes with one single-person, single-use Quick Access Pass! What is a Quick Access Pass, you ask? It is presented at the ride exit to skip the line! The pass is valid on any Holiday World ride or one of Splashin’ Safari’s water coasters.

Holiday World Games Playbook | 7 Things to Know About Games at Holiday World

2. Win A Quick Access Pass at Pumpkin Planko

Speaking of the Quick Access Pass, did you know you can win this pass in one of the games? Head to Halloween to play Pumpkin Planko for your chance to win up to four Quick Access Passes!

Pumpkin Planko | 7 Things to Know About Games at Holiday World

3. You May Not Have to Carry Your Big Wins All Day

If you are lucky enough to win one of those big prizes, ask the attendant if there is availability at the front of the park to store your prize for later pickup. There is no extra cost, and if you still have rides to go on, it is very convenient to store the big items at the front gate to grab when you are on the way out. Please note availability is limited and available on a first-come, first-served basis.

4. Most Popular Game – The Raven’s Ring Toss

Right in the middle of Halloween, you will find the home of the most popular game in the park. Not only is it the most popular game, but it is also the toughest of them all. When you walk by, you will immediately know why. The huge stuffed prizes hanging above the hundreds of glass jars sure do draw in a crowd.

My kids were determined to win a huge snake. This meant each time we played, we got a Fedora filled with rings (bonus: you get to keep the hat). I am pretty sure we played at least fifteen times this season and still haven’t won. Hopefully, 2023 will be our year to take home the big prize.

Raven's Ring Toss | 7 Things to Know About Holiday World's Games

5. Basketball Games Are A Slam Dunk with Guests

Do you ever notice how many kids are walking around the park dribbling a basketball? Well, that’s because they are a desired prize to the other popular game. There are several different basketball shooting games around the park to win a basketball of your own in various sizes. Fun fact: The most popular basketballs that often go out-of-stock are designs that include Holiday World, money, and an eight ball.

Basketball Game | 7 Things to Know About Games at Holiday World

6. Automatic Win Games for Younger Children

If you have younger kids, you know how it can be when they don’t win a prize. Luckily, Holiday World has amazing games for younger children so they can be a winner every time. You can find them in 4th Of July (Duck Pond at Boston Tea Party and Holidog’s HammerTime) and in Halloween (Fried Frogs at Merlin’s Castle and Pumpkin Planko). The Duck Pond is one of the most popular games for the younger crowd, so be sure to give it a go with your little ones.

7. Game Perks for Season Passholders

Check to see if there are any perks with your Season Pass. In 2022, Passholders received three game deals: 10 Balls for $5 at Milk Cans, $5 “Fedora Full o’ Rings” at The Raven’s Ring Toss, and 5 Balls for $3 at Wacky Cats. To claim each deal, just mention it to the cashier and present your Season Pass to be scanned. Each deal was available once for each Passholder this year. *Item subject to change based on availability.

The game locations can be found on the park map. They are a great way for the family to take a break from the rides and win some souvenirs to take home from each visit to the park.

Do you have a favorite game or prize?


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Be sure to follow the adventures of all the HoliBloggers. Each blog post will have a sweepstakes where you can enter to win two tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.

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HoliBlogger Samantha KThis blog post was written by HoliBlogger Samantha K.

Samantha is a self-proclaimed chaos coordinator from St. Louis, MO and runs In her family of five, she is outnumbered by all boys (plus two male huskies).  She and her family love finding new places to explore, adventuring outdoors, and taking road trips throughout the Midwest. Fun fact: Year-round Samantha watches Christmas movies and sports her Christmas pajamas with no shame. 

HoliWood Nights 2023 Updates

Coaster Grease

Dear HoliWood Nights Attendees,

We appreciate your understanding and/or support of our 2022 HoliWood Nights experiment, “Honey, We Shrunk the Event.” It was a difficult decision to make, but we loved getting the chance to know some Guests a little better with our 2022 event and hope to do so again this year.

The experiment isn’t over, though.

This year’s event will be June 2 & 3, and the theme is Coaster Grease! We’re hopelessly devoted to our coaster enthusiasts, so we listened. And this event is undergoing some far-less-dramatic changes than Sandra Dee. Though, if you look at the countdown clock below and continue reading, you’ll notice at least one change is coming… keep reading…

HoliWood Nights Tickets go on sale in:


Good ole Sandra Dee… AKA “What’s staying the same”

  • Capacity is still limited so we can deliver the best possible experience (though we decided we could increase our capacity some from last year).
  • TWO FULL DAYS of ERT, walkbacks, fun, and food
  • At least one person in each purchase group must be a partner club member, but each member can bring three additional Guests. (That’s four total tickets per transaction)
  • Trimless rides on The Voyage
  • As Principal McGee said, “Anyone doing tasteless or vulgar movements will be immediately disqualified.” In other words, the rules of conduct still apply—we don’t tolerate rider misconduct.

Pink Ladies Sandy… AKA “What’s changing”

  • Goodbye form! Hello, greased lightning! We’re releasing tickets Tuesday, Dec. 6 at 11 am CENTRAL time. Tickets this year are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Click the links below to save this date to your calendar.
    +Add to Outlook
  • We have one event ticket price—the Season Passholder price will not be offered this year. The price for two days of ERT, walkbacks, fun, and food is now $140 per person (and if you’re planning ahead and want to split the processing fee, it’s $6.99).
  • Name changes must be made at the event, not over the phone or online. Some of you know our Call Center team by name after last year so we’re giving them a break.
  • We have more tickets available this year and a partner Coaster Club Member can now bring three additional Guests.

Other important information

  • We’re going cashless in 2023. Click here for more information.
  • We don’t offer refunds, so don’t wait until Tuesday at 10:59 am (central time) to text your friend to find out if they’re joining you. 
  • We’ve never done a first-come, first-served ticket release, so there are some things we don’t know. Depending on the popularity, you may be put in a “waiting room.” If that happens, please wait patiently, as you’ll be put in a queue to enter the store and you’ll be allowed in as soon as a purchase is complete, or someone exits the shop.

REMINDER: Click below to add this event to your calendar!

+Add to Outlook

We know this news won’t be peachy keen, jellybean with everyone, but we hope you understand that we’re doing our best to listen to every enthusiast. Changing the tickets to first-come, first-served, and increasing the number of tickets per transaction were the two most-requested changes.

Please look out for your members of the coaster community who may not be on Facebook and may not be part of this group and help us spread the word. We don’t want anyone to miss the Dec. 6 ticket drop.

We hope you understand the changes. After all, enthusiasts and HoliWood Nights go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong…

(Yes, I’m sticking all these songs in your head… maybe it’ll be a nice break from all of the Christmas music?)

-Leah Koch-Blumhardt

Fourth-Generation Owner & Director of Communications

Holiday World Attractions for All Ages

There are Holiday World attractions galore at everyone’s favorite Santa Claus land. So many different family rides that everyone can enjoy together. There is seriously something for everyone in the entire family.

And so many opportunities for the whole family to spend time together!

Holiday World Attractions for All Ages

As far as amusement parks go, not all are made the same. The amusement industry isn’t always designed for everyone. Some parks are lacking when it comes to attractions that are for everyone. We’ve had previous park battles on our family vacations.

Take it from me, as a mom of 4 we’ve been to parks where the youngest of the crew has absolutely nothing to do the entire day but hang out in a stroller. Holiday World, in the town of Santa Claus, Indiana, is not that type of park. It’s as if the goal is to make sure that all ages enjoy the park. Together.

This combination theme park (world’s first theme park that celebrates the various holidays and has an enormous water park) is all about families being able to have fun spending time together.

Who can ride which rides?

Almost immediately to the right after you enter the park (just beyond the Christmas shop) you’ll find a height measuring station. I recommend stopping off here when you arrive to see which rides all the members of your family can go on. Then you can plan accordingly and not be faced with finding out at the ride.

Visiting the Height Measurement Station | Attractions for All Ages

Holiblogger Mom Tip: This avoids a child being upset with being turned away at the entrance of a ride if the child isn’t tall enough. It’s best to check and know from the get-go. Less fuss and more time to focus on all the other fun rides that the child can go on!

But first… More than just rides!

When it comes to discussing attractions for everyone to enjoy together at Holiday World, I wanted to begin with the live entertainment options. These particular family attractions are perfect for everyone in the entire family.

A great way to spend time together and not have to separate on rides that aren’t inclusive of all ages.

There are various show times that take place throughout the park so be sure to check the schedule. My oldest child had a grand time over the summer being part of the ventriloquist show!

Rides for the entire family in each park section

There are several rides and attractions that families can all enjoy together all at the same time!

Christmas Section

In the Christmas section of the park you’ll find the perfect rides for the small children and toddlers in your family, but a couple of the rides will accommodate older children. Perfect for various ages to enjoy together!

Halloween Section

While some of the rides might be too intense for the littlest in your crew, the Halloween area of the park is filled with fun games to play.

Playing Games in Halloween | Attractions for All Ages

Thanksgiving Section

Everyone in the family can enjoy Gobbler Getaway. Compete against each other with calling the turkeys home to save Thanksgiving!

Fourth of July Section

There’s actually quite a bit in this section that the entire family can enjoy together. Everyone will have a great time taking a ride on the vintage cars on the Lewis & Clark Trail and the carousel.

Then at the back of the 4th of July section of the park there’s an entire play area with rides for young children to explore called Holidog’s FunTown. Older members of the family can go on all the rides, too. There’s even a little train ride!

Splashin’ Safari is the water coaster capital of the world!

Wave pools are always great places for families of all ages to congregate to cool off. In Splashin’ Safari Water Park there are two wave pools to explore: The Wave and Bahari Wave. Both have varying depths for different comfort levels depending on age of family member.

There are also numerous family raft rides to be found in this really big water park, including a relaxing lazy river.

The taller, older and more adventurous in the family will be drawn to the various water coasters. Particularly Cheetah Chase and Mammoth water coaster that has six-passenger boats so many family members can ride together.

While the little ones of the family won’t be able to take on the water rides with the steepest drops, there is an entire area with water activities for them to explore in. Toddlers can spend hours with water jets shooting out of the ground! There are also numerous family water slides that are perfect for all ages.

Splashing in Kima Bay | Attractions for All Ages

And of course the little ones floating around the lazy river with an adult is always a win for cooling off!

Rides for the bigger kids:

If the taller members of your crew are interested in more of the thrill rides (say while the little ones are napping), Holiday World has got ’em!  Wooden roller coasters, longest water coasters, wing roller coaster fun, and the above mentioned Mammoth water coaster just to name a few. You’ll find the majority of the rides for thrill seekers in Halloween, Thanksgiving and Splashin’ Safari.

There truly is something for everyone to enjoy at Holiday World! And you can really spend your vacation all together as a family.

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This blog post was written by HoliBlogger Tara S.

Tara Smith has a degree in psychology with emphasis in community health, but has been a mom blogger for over a decade and lives in St. Louis, MO. You can find her blog at As a busy mom of 4, she likes to do fun activities with her family and travel. She also likes to sew, craft, make recipes and inspire others in motherhood. Tara and her blog have been featured on News 4 Great Day, Show Me St. Louis and in Country Sampler Farmhouse Style Magazine.

Celebrate A Special Day at Holiday World

Did you know that Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari specializes in birthday parties, group outings, and special occasions? Not only are they a family-fun amusement and water park, but they are also a special events venue for small and large groups. Whether you are a group of 15 or 1,000+, there is a group discount, private party room or pavilion, and activities for your event!

Special occasion ideas:

  • Birthday parties
  • Company picnics
  • Class or family reunions
  • Church groups and youth groups
  • School groups and field trips

Have a pizza party!

This is a perfect option for birthday parties. But who am I kidding? A pizza party is always an excellent option for any occasion! We celebrated our son’s 13th birthday party at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari in July with a Pizza Party in one of Santa’s Merry Marketplace’s Party Rooms. The party room is for groups of 15-49, so perfect if you have a smaller group. Prices start at $45.99 and vary based on the group size, package, and date selected.

Free Birthday Button | Celebrating A Special Occasion at Holiday World

The Party Rooms in Santa’s Merry Marketplace are air-conditioned and located towards the front of the park. They are easily accessible with access to restroom facilities. Pizza Party packages include a party attendant who helps to serve the all-you-can-eat pizza, buffet style. When you purchase a Pizza Party package, the Party Room is included for one hour!

Party Room | Celebrating A Special Occasion at Holiday World

The Pizza Party package includes unlimited pizza, breadsticks, dipping sauces, and cookies. It also includes plates, utensils, and unlimited free soda drinks. If you planning to feed a hungry group of kids (or adults) and have a group of 15+, this is an affordable option for lunch or dinner at the park. You will save money with a party package, plus have the planning work done for you!

The pizza at Holiday World is some of the best! It’s thick and cheesy. Options include cheese, pepperoni, and sausage.

Bonus, the Party Rooms are located in the same building as the Polar Expresso coffee bar. If you are a parent planning to shuffle around a bunch of kids for a birthday party all day, this little nugget of information may be helpful in your decision-making.

Birthday Party Group Photo | Celebrating A Special Occasion at Holiday World

Additional things you can add to your package include salad, cookie cake(s), face painting, and caricatures.

Picnic Group Outings

Group outings in a private outdoor pavilion are available for guests from 50 to 1,000+. These are ideal for company picnics, school groups, large family gatherings, and reunions. When you purchase a Picnic + Admission Group Outing package, the pavilion is free! The pavilions are also covered, so there is no need to worry about weather or finding shaded areas to dine in.

Pavilions must be reserved and paid for at least three weeks before your event date. This is the most affordable large group option, starting at $37.99, and varies based on the group size, package, and date selected.

A picnic package includes your choice of a buffet meal, discounted admission to the park, free inner tube usage, free sunscreen, parking, and unlimited soft drinks. The All-American Picnic Buffet option includes classics like hamburgers, hot dogs, BBQ pork, and several sides.

Ask about extra and fun options to add to your group packages with booking your event. Some extras are available for an additional fee: caricatures and face painting.

Tips for Celebrating a Special Occasion at Holiday World:

  • Stop at Guest Relations for a birthday button if you are celebrating a birthday! 
  • Rent a Cabana or Cheetah Chaise Loungers for the day. When you aren’t eating pizza in the party rental or hanging out in the private pavilion, lounge in your Cabana or Cheetah Chaise Lounger at Splashin’ Safari. You deserve it on your special day.
  • To take advantage of group discounts on tickets, reserve your tickets at least 24 hours in advance.

To learn more about all the Group Discounts available, click here!


Be sure to follow the adventures of all the HoliBloggers. Each blog post will have a sweepstakes where you can enter to win two tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.

Entries accepted through Sunday, November 27 at 6pm CDT.

This blog post was written by HoliBlogger Jamie W.

Jamie Ward is a travel writer and published author. She founded Cornfields & High Heels, a travel and lifestyle blog, over five years ago and travels throughout the Midwest sharing her travel stories and adventures. She wrote 100 Things To Do In Indiana Before You Die and co-authored Midwest Road Trip Adventures. Jamie resides in Central Indiana with her husband, Paul, and their four teenagers. She was born and raised in Indiana and enjoys road trips, coffee, thrifting, historic places, and spending time with her family.

Veterans Day 2022

On Veterans Day, Americans are called to thank the women and men
who have served in America’s armed forces. 

We want to acknowledge our very own team members who have answered the call to serve our country.
We offer up our sincerest appreciation to you!







Our veterans from left to right front row:

  • Jeff, United States Army National Guard
  • Josh, United States Marine Corp
  • Billy, United States Army
  • Elmer, United States Army
  • Jeremy, United States Marine Corp
  • Todd, United States Army
  • John, United States Coast Guard
  • Joe, United States Air Force

Thank you to these – and all other veterans – for their service to our country.

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The Best Rides When You’re Too Short for Coasters

Last year was an exciting one for my eight-year-old son. He finally reached a height of 48 inches and could ride roller coasters at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari. He spent much of his summer on the Legend, the Voyage, the Raven, and Cheetah Chase. The smile never left his face.

My youngest son is still too short to ride the roller coasters. But that didn’t bring down the fun level this summer. Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari have over thirty rides and slides for your kids under 48 inches. There is something for children of all heights – from the tilt-a-whirl to the tea party!

Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari measure height differently. All guests are carefully measured with shoes on in Holiday World and with shoes off in Splashin’ Safari. Height requirements are strictly enforced on all rides and attractions.

There is also a Height Measurement Station located in each park. In Holiday World, it is across from the Christmas Fountain. In Splashin’ Safari, it is next to Watubee. Your child will be measured at the station, and you can also get a height wristband for them to wear throughout the day.

Guests Under 36 Inches

What is available for the youngest Holiday World guests under 36 inches? I recommend visiting Rudolph’s Reindeer Ranch and Holidog’s Fun Town. The Reindeer Ranch has five different rides your little one can choose from. This includes the classic Dancer’s Fish, my favorite when I was a kid, and Prancer’s Merry-Go-Round, a junior-sized merry-go-round.

Holidog’s Fun Town includes plenty of playground fun with Holidog’s Treehouse and Just For Pups. You can also hop on the Holidog Express for a train ride through Mother Goose Land.

Just for Pups | Best Rides When You're Too Short for Coasters

Want to cool down at Splashin’ Safari? Try out the slides at Tembo Falls! This attraction, with eight junior water slides, keeps the kids happy and laughing. And don’t worry, these slides end with a “run out,” so there aren’t any splash pools.

Guests Over 36 Inches

So, what else is available for the little ones that are too short for the roller coasters? How about a junior roller coaster? Head over to Holidog’s Fun Town and get on the Howler! This coaster is fun for the entire family. And a definite favorite for my youngest. Of course, your child will require a riding companion if they aren’t 42 inches. Bonus – they can ride two times in a row!

Another favorite for the entire family is Frightful Falls. This classic log ride takes you on a graveyard tour before heading up a big hill that will surely make a big splash at the bottom. Make sure you check out the hilarious photos of your family when they get splashed!

Now that you’re already wet, it’s time to head to Splashin’ Safari to “Do the Watubee.” This is a fun water slide that everyone in the family will enjoy. After you walk up the steps to the top of the six-story tower, your family will get in a large raft and slide into exciting twists and turns. Six hundred and twenty-five feet later, you will land in the splash pool. Your little ones will surely want to ride this one over and over!

Watubee | The Best Rides When You're Too Short for Coasters

Make sure you go online to check out all the rides and attractions Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari offer. We can’t wait to see you next season!


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Entries accepted through Saturday, November 19 at 8pm CDT.

This blog post was written by HoliBlogger Jamie J.

Jamie Johnson is a blogger based in Owensboro, Kentucky. She has two sons, Henry and Simon, and a husband, Logan. Jamie works full-time as a business consultant. She loves her family, Holiday World, ham sandwiches, and Diet Mountain Dew. 

Bird Dog… er… Fall Food Guide: Happy Halloween Weekends 2022

Happy Halloween Weekends have finally arrived, and while the #HOWOPO might be on hiatus, we all know it’s time to discuss the topic the #HOWOPO loves most: FOOD. 

As always, I recommend checking out our Food page, where we keep menus as updated as possible all season long. Bonus: we have a healthy options guide, an allergen-friendly guide, and a gluten-free guide all available on that page as well. Speaking of allergen-friendly, don’t miss our Gluten-Free Chili at George’s Gluten Free Pizza and Snacks and Santa’s Merry Marketplace. 

I’m not really sure where to start, but why not start with the food item I had to google when I first glanced at the menu…

What the heck is a bird dog?

I’m glad you asked. Think of a hotdog. Now keep the bun and forget the actual hotdog. Now add a chicken tender. Now add delicious toppings and sauces. 

These bird dogs are at Hot Diggity Dog–and come in two flavors: cheese bacon ranch, and Nashville hot. Either way, you don’t want to fly away without trying these. 

Cheese Bacon Ranch Bird Dog

Picture 1 of 2

Oh, and don’t miss the pretzel fries at Hot Diggity Dogs. 

Santa’s Merry Marketplace: Personal Pan Pizzas (And More!)

Let’s hop up to Santa’s Merry Marketplace for the fall foods you can’t miss. Of course, our team at Candy Cane Confectionery has many sweet treats ready for you: Pumpkin cake balls, Apple Pie Caramel Apples, and marshmallow treats galore! 

But if you’re looking for something savory, you don’t want to miss our new personal pan pizzas.

We have bacon jalapeno and BBQ Chicken!

Jalapeno Bacon Pizza

Picture 1 of 2

And don’t forget to stop at Sugarplum Scoop Shoppe for a Frankenstein Sundae that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth: 

And of course, there’s always more:

  • Pumpkin Funnel Cake – Christmas Cupboard
  • Cinnamon Apple Funnel Cake – Funnel Cake Factory
  • Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup – Plymouth Rock Cafe
  • Chicken Tortilla Soup – Alamo
  • Haystack Burger with Onion Straws – Goblin Burger
  • Refreshing and Cold Apple Cider – Santa’s Merry Marketplace, Plymouth Rock Cafe, and Lemon Shake Up
  • Hot Apple Cider – Candy Cane Confectionery 
  • Walking S’more – Snackhouse
  • Hot Chocolate – Lemon Shake Up

Whatever fall foods you choose, we hope you enjoy our fabulous Fall Faire. 


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Giving the Gift of Fun!

Completed Pillow Box

Families have been making memories with us here in Santa Claus, Indiana for more than 75 years.

And whether those memories were made at Santa Claus Land or Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, one thing is true. We’re approaching our favorite day of the year – Christmas!

As you’re planning your Christmas shopping and browsing all the tons of great sales online in the coming weeks, don’t forget about the gift of fun. You might not be able to squeeze one of our roller coasters or water slides under your Christmas tree, but a 2023 Season Pass fits perfectly.

There’s not better gift than planning to spend more time with your friends and loved ones in the coming year.

A few of our Guests have reached out online to ask about any special or unique ways to gift someone a Ticket or Season Pass to Holiday World.

It was even a topic of conversation in our Facebook Season Passholder Group

Be sure to join our Passholder Group if you haven’t already – it’s a great way to learn the best tips and tricks from those who visit our parks most frequently. The Group is for both Passholders and those who might be on the fence and considering getting a Season Pass.

After a few people wanted to know the best ways to give someone a Pass or ticket for Christmas, we thought we should help out!

No wrapping paper needed!

Pillow Box Preview

After thinking over a few different options, we thought a Pillow Box gift card holder would be the best option. The best part? You don’t have to buy anything to be able to use it!

So we reached out to Stephen. He worked some of his Holiday (World) magic and designed this together for us to share with our fans. You can print it right from your home printer and wrap up a Ticket or Season Pass. Only scissors and tape or glue required.

The free download also includes a gift card to be used as a token for the Ticket or Season Pass purchase you’re giving. Just cut out the appropriate card and put it inside the Pillow Box and discard the others.

Click here to download the Pillow Box and Gift Card now.

We recommend printing on cardstock for the sturdiest Pillow Box and adding the to names to the box before you get to folding.

Here’s what the download includes.

Do you have any other creative ways to give someone a Ticket or Season Pass? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

And on to the deals!

2023 Season Passes

You can save $35 on a Platinum Season Pass, Season Pass, or Summer Fun Card when you purchase by January 15. Plus you can purchase a Platinum Season Pass or Season Pass with our Easy Pay option. Buy your Passes now to lock in the lowest price of the year.

Each of our Season Passes come loaded with tons of great perks, like more Discounted Bring A Friend tickets than ever before, in-park savings on purchases and locker rentals, plus the opportunity to kick off the season early during our Exclusive Passholder Preview Date!

Plus, new for 2023 is our FREE Pre-K Season Pass. Unlock free admission all season long for four- and five-year olds. Want to know more? Read some Frequently Asked Questions about our new Pre-K Pass.

2023 Tickets

Holiday World tickets are the perfect stocking stuffer!

Get a pair of Any Day Tickets for just $100 when you visit and drop in promo code SANTA100

Or just click here and the promotion will automatically apply!

This deal is valid through December, 31 2022 at 11:59pm Central.

We can’t wait to see everyone back in Santa Claus, Indiana next year to make more memories in America’s Christmas Hometown.

Merry Christmas!


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