By HoliBlogger Courtney S.

As a mom, I know how expensive kids can get. If you have kids, you know, too. We’ve all heard that nothing in life is free, but that’s not true in magical Santa Claus, Indiana. Read on for how you can get 8 things for FREE – really – on your next trip to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari!

1. Free Soft Drinks

If you’ve ever been to any theme park – with kids or not – you know how thirsty everyone gets from walking around, being in the sun, screaming on a thrilling ride, etc. It’s a safe bet that you also know how much you can pay for that souvenir cup for a day or for single drinks at a time. A lot of parks you go to have all sorts of hidden costs once you are in. I put free drinks at the top of the list here, because for some reason, paying several dollars for a non-alcoholic beverage just pains me. At Holiday World, free soft drinks (including Gatorade, lemonade, iced tea, coffee, and water) are available throughout both parks all day, every day. I’m in!

2. Free Parking

I’m putting this at number two, because it’s another pain point for me when taking the family to any type of park, zoo, and the like. I feel like you have to create a whole budget just to do something fun with the kids – knowing that I don’t have to factor in drinks OR parking is just a breath of fresh air for me.

3. Free Sunscreen

Ever forget to pack sunscreen for yourself or the kids? Yeah, me, too. It happens, but not to worry! Free sunscreen bottles are located around both parks: in front of the restroom buildings in Splashin’ Safari and by the west steps of Holiday Theater in Christmas, in Holidog’s FunTown, next to Tippecanoes by The Alamo, and in Thunderbird Plaza in Holiday World. These pump bottles contain 50 SPF Australian Gold sunscreen.

Free Sunscreen is available at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari

4. Free Use of Inner Tubes

You know the water parks where you either have to bring your own inner tubes or pay to rent theirs? Not at Splashin’ Safari! Here, the use of inner tubes is completely free.

5. Free Wi-Fi

Do your kids really need Wi-Fi while at an amusement park or on a water ride? I highly doubt it, but maybe they want to listen to music on their headphones while they wait in line for a ride or pull up the park map on their phones! Free Wi-Fi comes in really handy then.

6. Free “Santa-tizer”

These days, it’s more important than ever to keep grubby hands sanitized! Fortunately, Holiday World offers free “Santa-tizer” for your visit to the park. (See what they did there – I’m sure the dads will love this play on words!)

7. Free Package Pick-Up

Free Package Pick-Up is available for purchases made prior to two hours before Holiday World’s closing time. Packages can be picked up at Holiday World Services a minimum of two hours after purchase up until park closing. No more lugging around – especially when it’s hot! – all your kiddos begged you to buy for them!

8. Free Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Doing the environmentally-friendly thing and switched to an electric vehicle? They offer an Electric Vehicle Charging Station for Tesla and other Electric Vehicles in the Legend Parking Lot – free, of course! There are:

  • 8 dedicated parking spaces for Tesla charging
  • 4 dedicated parking spaces for other EV charging using J1772 connectors
  • Available FREE to Holiday World visitors on a first-come basis during regular park hours
  • Please alert a parking attendant of your intent to use the charging station once inside the Legend Lot

Discount Tickets

The great perks don’t stop with the freebies listed above. If you’re in the military, a nurse, a first responder, or a foster family, you can be eligible for great savings on tickets! Click HERE to learn more.

Shows & Special Events

Don’t forget about all the shows and special events you get to enjoy at the park in addition! Right now, here are the shows they have planned –

And, for their special events – 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets today, and plan your next fun adventure with your family at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari!

This blog post was written by HoliBlogger Courtney S.

A Cincinnati mom that spent my teen years in Indianapolis, I remember Summers at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari fondly. My family and I love travel and theme parks. I own the Cincinnati, Dayton, and Louisville Mom Collectives where we provide the best in trusted recommendations, tips, tricks, and resources to families in our communities. In my rare free moments, I like to write, read, draw, paint, game, go to the park, go to art museums, and try new foods. 


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190 Responses to “8 Things for Free. Really!”

  1. Amber Borton

    I have gone to hoilday world since I was little and now we take our kids there. We enjoy going there and it is friendly place.

  2. Kendra Spees

    My favorite freebie is DEFINITELY the free drinks! Total plus that they have the air turned on full blast when you grab a drink so you can really cool down and take a breather.

  3. Ashley Linneweber

    Love Holiday World and all the free stuff. Best park in the world!

  4. Jessica moralez

    Holiday world is Bomb AF. I can’t wait to go back. It’s been a couple years.

  5. Aleigha

    My family loves holiday world! Free soft drinks throughout the park is unbeatable!

  6. Jim Blain

    We love Holiday World! I’ve been coming here since it was Santa Claus Land back in the 70s. My favorite freebie would be the free soft drinks! Great place for family fun!

  7. Christopher Williams

    Really looking forward to visiting this summer for our first time.

  8. Christie bullington

    Would love to win. Take my granddaughter. Love the wave pool

  9. Katherine Lundblade

    Winning tickets would be amazing my family loves Holiday World.

  10. Katherine Lundblade

    opps forgot to mention we appreciate the free parking as it is helpful on vacations.

  11. Shaina Biggers

    You can’t beat all of the free perks that come with your ticket!

  12. Tara M.

    My family loves all the freebies! We love stopping for a quick soft drink at the drink stations!

  13. Cassidy M

    I love visiting Holiday World with my family in the summer time! I love all the freebies they offer like the refreshing soft drinks & the free wifi!!