By HoliBlogger Lindsay F.

As a travel writer, I love discovering secrets that make a destination even more special – and Holiday World is no exception! We’ve been visiting the park for over a decade now and most of the tips I give friends and readers are pretty obvious to anyone who’s visited Holiday World a time or two:

  • Take advantage of the free drinks, free sunscreen, and free parking.
  • Try to go midweek, when the lines are much shorter.
  • Crowds are lighter in May and June.
  • Park across the street in the Legend Lot and take the tunnel under the street to get to the gate. It’s often a much shorter walk!

But for this post, I wanted to go a little deeper. I wondered what kinds of secrets Holiday World employees and superfans had to offer.

So I asked them!

Here are their responses grouped into a few categories:

Secrets Outside the Front Gate

“If you’re approaching the park from the west (Coming from US-231) and think you’ve passed the parking lots, FEAR NOT! You can find the Legend Lot by turning right at the traffic light. No U-Turns necessary!” – Stephen R, Park Employee

“Park in the Legend lot on the bathroom side. Perfect for a bathroom stop before entering and just before starting that trip home.” Michaeline C, Season Passholder

“[The Legend lot is] also a great place to quickly change clothes before the drive home. My son and I pack light. We wear our swim trunks into the park, we leave dry clothes in the vehicle and do not change out of our water park clothes until we get to that restroom.” – Mark S, Season Passholder

Secrets on the Best Timing

Happy Halloween Weekends are the perfect time to visit with smaller crowds, cooler temperatures, and new attractions.” Ashley B, Park Employee

“Buy your meal for the day after 3pm. The lines are shorter.” – Susan M, Season Passholder

“Start your day in Splashin’ Safari as soon as the ropes drop, instead of starting in Holiday World. Most Guests start in Holiday World and then head to the water park. By doing Splashin’ Safari first, you beat the crowd and then you can do the dry park while everyone else is in Splashin’ Safari.” – Ashley B, Park Employee

Holiday World Secrets Blog Post - Water Park

Food Secrets

“The Polar Expresso is a MUST. When they make it, they toot the choo choo whistle! Fun for everyone.” – Britney W, Season Passholder. (You’ll find the Polar Expresso inside Santa’s Merry Marketplace)

“You can bring in snacks. Our secret lunch spot is inside one of the buildings marked as a tornado shelter, in between Muziki Bay and Sam’s BBQ. It’s air-conditioned, has bathrooms, soda fountains, tables and chairs, and is always empty. It’s marked as a tornado shelter, but it’s always been indoor dining for the water park. You can use it anytime the water park is open.” – Valerey H, Season Passholder

“Best family dining deal – family pizza deal at Santa’s Merry Marketplace, located by the entrance fountain. Especially if you have a season pass discount!” – Tricia S, Season Passholder. (The meal consists of a 16″ pizza, eight breadsticks, and four dipping sauces. You can also find it at Safari Pizza in Splashin’ Safari)

Holiday World Secrets Blog Post - Foods

Best Value Secrets

Season Passes go on sale the year before. The cheapest prices are usually in September the year before.” – Ashley B, Park Employee

“If you are looking to save money, you can bring your own lunch and get your hand stamped and use one of our shelter houses in the parking lots to eat a meal. Then return to the park with your hand stamp.” – Ashley B, Park Employee

“Buy a mystery box! You can get shirts, beach towels, cups, magnets, kids toys, anything in the gift shops they have. They are definitely worth the value. And they are wrapped up like a Christmas present. My kids love it!” – Lara H, Season Passholder

“Buy the Games Playbook! You get a fast pass to one ride with it. It costs $20 but you get $15 in coupons, a $25 game voucher and 1 fast pass!” – Lara H, Season Passholder

Holiday World Secrets - Games Image

Secrets for Staying Comfortable

“If a family member has trouble walking, arrive early or bring their wheelchair or scooter if they have one. The scooter rentals go quickly.” – Brooklyn G, Season Passholder

“For nursing moms looking for an air conditioned and quiet place to feed, check out the nursing mother rooms! Near the park entrance, Santa’s Merry Marketplace has a room with a rocking chair, outlets, sink, and changing table. The second space is in First Aid at the entrance of Splashin’ Safari, it includes a refrigerator, outlets and lockers for pumps (at no additional cost!), rocking chairs, and fans. Moms can feed wherever they choose in the park, but sometimes I preferred to have a quiet place to feed an undistracted baby so we could both get back to the fun!” – Sabrina J, Park Employee

“Charge your phone in air conditioning at Santa’s Merry Marketplace or Plymouth Rock Café.” – Tammy J, Season Passholder

“There are dog kennels!” – Ashley B, Park Employee (The Holidog Inn is located just inside the Front Gate at Holiday World Services, and is first-come, first-served. Air-conditioned kennels are $20 for the day; outdoor kennels are $10 for the day in 2022)

Some secrets have been lightly edited for clarity.

Feel free to add your own secrets in the comments of this post!

Be sure to follow the adventures of all the HoliBloggers this summer. Each blog post will have a sweepstakes where you can enter to win two tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.

Entries accepted through Friday, August 26 at 9pm CDT.

HoliBlogger Lindsay FThis blog post was written by HoliBlogger Lindsay F.

Lindsay Ferrier is a travel writer who lives with her husband and two teenagers in Nashville, TN. Before starting her popular lifestyle blog, Suburban Turmoil, she was an Emmy Award-winning TV news anchor and reporter in Nashville and Columbia, S.C. She’s been coming to Holiday World for 20 years and consider herself to be Nashville’s number one Holiday World fan!

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30 Responses to “Secrets of Holiday World”

  1. Vickie Bottoms

    I would love to bring my 8 year old granddaughter before the park closes this year.

  2. Michelle Knauff

    Our family loves Holiday World! As a homeschool family, we hope you will add a few more homeschool days during the warmer months!! ?

  3. Alyssa

    Love holiday world my kids love it . The my favorite ride and could live at the water park

  4. Katie

    Absolutely love the nursing moms secret. The family nature of Holiday World is just extraordinary!

  5. AlyssaDarr

    I love all tips and tricks at Holiday world the gift shop is a great place for buying for the family ot yourself hopefully to win I’d love to start collecting ornaments for our yule tree this year .

  6. Debi+Gillenwaters

    I would love to come to Holiday World. I haven’t been this season and it is my” happy place.”

  7. Carrie Adams

    Would love to try and go before Summer is out. Some.of my healthcare co workers codluld use a little thrill therapy. 🙂 please and thank you.

  8. Shawn Boswell

    I have always enjoyed the secret of visiting the Picnic Shelter in the Parking Lot, you can also get a great view of Lake Rudolph and a great glimpse of The Raven going by!

  9. Shawn Boswell

    One secret I have is head to the Thanksgiving section first and ride the Family rides and or Coaters depending on whos in your Party.

  10. Shawn Boswell

    Visit Early in the Season or later during Happy Halloween Weekends to avoid busy heavy crowds.

  11. Amanda

    We are planning to go for Halloween weekends on 10/15 & 10/16. Should we get a 2 day flex ticket? or one day and buy an extra day once we are in the park?

    • Josh @ Holiday World

      During Halloween, our Next Day tickets are probably your best option. During Happy Halloween Weekends, Next Day tickets are available for $20 each.