Bring A Friend Free: Breaking Down A Lesser-Known Pass Perk

Quick Reference

  • If you are a first-time Passholder, jump to Option 1 Below to learn how to visit on Sundays this season
  • If you have a 2022 Season Pass or Platinum Season Pass and get a 2023 Platinum Pass that’s paid in full, jump to Option 2 to learn how to bring a friend for Free on Sundays this season


2023 Season Passes are on sale at the lowest price of the year now. And will be through October 12.

And we’ll let you in on a little secret about Season Pass prices. If you haven’t listened to our Podcast, that is.

Season Passes start at the lowest price of the year each fall and gradually work their way up toward full price the closer we get to Opening Day in May. There are no flash sales or holiday discounts that will make you regret buying early. The lowest price is always right now.

And the savings you can get before October 13 can add up. Here’s how:

  • You can get a Season Pass for $135 by Oct. 12, 2022. If you wait until Opening Day, that same Pass will cost you $175.
  • Lock in a Platinum Season Pass by Oct. 12, 2022 for $170. By comparison, if you wait until after May 6 a regular Season Pass is $175.

Purchase now and you get more perks and lower prices. What’s not to love?

Our Season Passes unlock tons of great perks to use all season long, like in-park savings, discounted locker rental prices, and, in 2023 a new calendar for discounted Bring A Friend tickets.

But let’s break down one of our Platinum Season Pass perks that often gets overlooked.

“Buy this Year, Visit this Year. Sundays during HHW (when paid in full)”

It’s only a few words on the benefits chart, but there’s a lot of unpacking needed to make sure you’re able to take full advantage of this perk.

The cast of the Monster Mash

This not-so-scary Pass perk can be used during Happy Halloween Weekends this season!

Option 1: Buy This Year, Visit This Year

Unlock By:

  1. Purchasing a 2023 Platinum Season Pass that’s paid in full (but you don’t have a 2022 Season Pass or Platinum Season Pass)

Everything you need to know:

This perk gives you the option to start using your Season Pass early. Instead of waiting for next May and kicking off the season with our Passholder Preview Weekend dates, you can get the fun started this fall and visit on Sundays during Happy Halloween Weekends.

How It Works:

We’ll process your 2023 Platinum Season Pass when you visit any Sunday this fall.

Just bring your printed voucher to Guest Relations and our Pass Photo Processing room to the left of the Front Gate. Then you’re free to visit any Sunday through the rest of the season.


Option 2: Bring A Friend FREE

Unlock By:

  1. Having a 2022 Season Pass or Platinum Season Pass AND
  2. Purchasing a 2023 Platinum Season Pass that’s paid in full

Everything you need to know about this perk: 

If you’re not able to take advantage of our Buy This Year, Visit This Year perk, that means you’re already a Passholder. Since you already have a 2022 Season Pass or Platinum Season Pass, you’re able to visit any day during Happy Halloween Weekends this season, not just Sundays.

If you purchase a 2023 Platinum Season Pass that’s paid in full, you can technically use BOTH of your Season Passes. But you just need one to get yourself into the park.

So you unlock the rarest type of Bring A Friend ticket we have: the FREE Bring A Friend ticket.

How It Works:

On Sundays during Happy Halloween Weekends, you’re able to use your 2022 Season Pass or Platinum Season Pass to visit and let a friend use your 2023 Platinum Season Pass that’s paid in full to get into the park with you.

Double the fun by visiting with a family member or friend any Sunday through the end of the season.

2023 Season Passes Now Available
So what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to get a 2023 Season Pass!

Don’t forget! 

If you’re a 2022 Season Passholder, you can bring a friend for $25 on Sundays during Happy Halloween Weekends. If you qualify for option 2, you can bring one friend for free and another for $25! 

Giving the Gift of Fun!

Completed Pillow Box

Families have been making memories with us here in Santa Claus, Indiana for more than 75 years.

And whether those memories were made at Santa Claus Land or Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, one thing is true. We’re approaching our favorite day of the year – Christmas!

As you’re planning your Christmas shopping and browsing all the tons of great sales online in the coming weeks, don’t forget about the gift of fun. You might not be able to squeeze one of our roller coasters or water slides under your Christmas tree, but a 2023 Season Pass fits perfectly.

There’s not better gift than planning to spend more time with your friends and loved ones in the coming year.

A few of our Guests have reached out online to ask about any special or unique ways to gift someone a Ticket or Season Pass to Holiday World.

It was even a topic of conversation in our Facebook Season Passholder Group

Be sure to join our Passholder Group if you haven’t already – it’s a great way to learn the best tips and tricks from those who visit our parks most frequently. The Group is for both Passholders and those who might be on the fence and considering getting a Season Pass.

After a few people wanted to know the best ways to give someone a Pass or ticket for Christmas, we thought we should help out!

No wrapping paper needed!

Pillow Box Preview

After thinking over a few different options, we thought a Pillow Box gift card holder would be the best option. The best part? You don’t have to buy anything to be able to use it!

So we reached out to Stephen. He worked some of his Holiday (World) magic and designed this together for us to share with our fans. You can print it right from your home printer and wrap up a Ticket or Season Pass. Only scissors and tape or glue required.

The free download also includes a gift card to be used as a token for the Ticket or Season Pass purchase you’re giving. Just cut out the appropriate card and put it inside the Pillow Box and discard the others.

Click here to download the Pillow Box and Gift Card now.

We recommend printing on cardstock for the sturdiest Pillow Box and adding the to names to the box before you get to folding.

Here’s what the download includes.

Do you have any other creative ways to give someone a Ticket or Season Pass? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

And on to the deals!

2023 Season Passes

You can save $35 on a Platinum Season Pass, Season Pass, or Summer Fun Card when you purchase by January 15. Plus you can purchase a Platinum Season Pass or Season Pass with our Easy Pay option. Buy your Passes now to lock in the lowest price of the year.

Each of our Season Passes come loaded with tons of great perks, like more Discounted Bring A Friend tickets than ever before, in-park savings on purchases and locker rentals, plus the opportunity to kick off the season early during our Exclusive Passholder Preview Date!

Plus, new for 2023 is our FREE Pre-K Season Pass. Unlock free admission all season long for four- and five-year olds. Want to know more? Read some Frequently Asked Questions about our new Pre-K Pass.

2023 Tickets

Our Black Friday Ticket promotion is here!

Get a pair of Any Day Tickets for just $75 when you visit and drop in promo code HOLIDAY75

Or just click here and the promotion will automatically apply!

This deal is valid through Monday, November 28, 2023 at 11:59pm Central.

We can’t wait to see everyone back in Santa Claus, Indiana next year to make more memories in America’s Christmas Hometown.

Merry Christmas!


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The Insider’s Guide to Holiday World Season Passes

It has been the summer of Holiday World for this little St. Louis family of mine!

After all we are only 3 hours away from Santa Claus, Indiana making it the perfect distance for a weekend getaway or even a quick day trip.

As a HoliBlogger my family and I received Holiday World Season Passes so we could go to the park any time we wanted, all season long. And the season isn’t over yet! Platinum Season Passes include extra savings that we’ve really been enjoying.

Read on to get all of the ins and outs of the exclusive deals you’ll get with your own Season Pass!

The Insider’s Guide to Holiday World Season Passes

My kids have really enjoyed having their very own Platinum Season Pass this year. They love to say that we have unlimited Holiday World tickets. Because in a sense we really do. We’ve enjoyed our time at both the Holiday World theme park and Splashin’ Safari water park. Like I said, it has been a Holiday World summer for us!

We are returning to the park that gives everyone free soft drinks, free sunscreen and free parking again on September 24th for the start of Happy Halloween Weekends! The kids cannot wait. (There’s one little blonde girl at our house who is ecstatic to take a spin again on all the thrill rides and roller coasters, particularly that Thunderbird wing coaster.)

Okay I cannot wait either. Holiday World is just so much fun.

Having a Season Pass really does make it that much more spectacular.

HoliBlogger Tara with her family, Insider's Guide to Season Passes

Great fun had by all!

How to get a Holiday World Season Pass

It’s really easy to purchase a Season Pass to Holiday World so that you can get all the great perks.

You can either purchase via an online order or in person at the park entrance. Either way you will purchase the Season Pass first and then on your first time visiting the park for the season you will process and receive the official card with your picture on it.

Where to get your Season Pass picture taken

Just at the front gate, to the left of the Guest Relations sales office area and the ticket booth, you will take your personal identifying information (driver’s license or state ID) to the Season Pass office. Then you’ll get your picture taken and receive your very own Season Pass.

Processing your Season Pass, Insider's Guide to Season Passes

What we’ve enjoyed most about our Platinum Season Passes

Season Passholders get access to special events and even monthly food deals. It really is the best choice for saving at the holiday themed park.

In addition to the unlimited visits, we’ve loved being able to bring a friend with discounted day tickets. In July we were able to experience Holiday World with my parents and niece.

We’ve also really enjoyed discounts on food and gift shop purchases. A few of our favorites eats and treats are the deep fried Oreos, funnel cakes and of course Dole Whip!

HoliBlogger Tara with Dole Whip, Insider's Guide to Season Passes

Holiday World Season Pass Types

See a full list of Passholder benefits and extra perks.

HoliBlogger tips and even more insider information!

Keep in mind that you can only enter with your Season Pass once a day. So be sure to get your hand stamped as you are exiting the park if you would like to return before the end of the day.

If you purchase a full-price general admission ticket, you can pay an additional amount on the day of your visit to upgrade to a Season Pass for the remainder of the year.

Get the deepest discounts on Holiday World Season Passes for the 2023 season when you purchase between September 14th and October 12th. This is when you will save $55 off your Season Pass!

During this time you can get a Season Pass for $135, a Platinum Season Pass for $170 and Summer Fun Cards for $100.

First responder discount! Nurse discount! Military discount! Oh my! Members of the Military, Veterans, First Responders and Nurses receive an additional $5 off the starting price of a Season Pass during that same time frame.

Kids posing with the Santa Claus Land Mural, Insider's Guide to Season Passes

New to 2023:

Both Season and Platinum Season Passholders can bring a friend for $29.99. Season Passholders will have 12 times in a season to bring a friend and Platinum Season Passholders will have 24. The sequence on how many at a time will vary by each month and bring a friend tickets can be used any day of the week except for Saturdays in July and August.

Purchase a Platinum Pass for 2023 that’s paid in full and you can visit for free the remainder of this year on Sundays during Happy Halloween Weekends.

New type of season pass! Park guests can get a FREE Pre-K Season Pass for 4 & 5-year-olds. This pass is good for entry all season long, but does not include any additional benefits besides getting into the park. Simply register your Pre-K age child online and then bring age confirming documents with you when you process the pass at the park on your first visit.

2023 is going to be another great year at Holiday World!

We are already talking about getting Season Passes for next year. Especially with that good deal that’s happening this fall.

Enter to Win A Pair of Tickets!

Be sure to follow the adventures of the HoliBloggers. Each blog post will have a sweepstakes where you can enter to win two tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari!

Entries for this Giveaway will be accepted through Friday, September 30 at 7pm CDT.

This blog post was written by HoliBlogger Tara S.

Tara Smith has a degree in psychology with emphasis in community health, but has been a mom blogger for over a decade and lives in St. Louis, MO. You can find her blog at As a busy mom of 4, she likes to do fun activities with her family and travel. She also likes to sew, craft, make recipes and inspire others in motherhood. Tara and her blog have been featured on News 4 Great Day, Show Me St. Louis and in Country Sampler Farmhouse Style Magazine.

Introducing the FREE Pre-K Season Pass for 4- & 5-Year-Olds

Each year when Season Passes go on sale, our fans who visit most frequently have a tough choice to make. They have to decide which Season Pass is best for the upcoming summer.

We offer three different Season Pass options. From Platinum Season Passes to Summer Fun Cards, each Pass comes loaded with a different level of perks.

Our Platinum Passes are loaded with the most perks while Summer Fun Cards are our most affordable Pass.

Once fans make their choice, their summer plans are put into motion and they unlock all the benefits that come with the Pass they chose.

But for 2023, there’s a new member of the Season Pass Family.

Enter the FREE Pre-K Season Pass.

Our new FREE Pre-K Season Pass is a Season Pass just for four- and five-year-olds. Our youngest fans clearly get our coolest new Season Pass!

It gets the Passholder into both parks for free all season long, including during Kids World and Happy Halloween Weekends.

Family members will just register their Pre-K Pass through our online store and provide a few details about the Passholder. After that, they just need to bring age-confirming documents – such as a birth certificate or Passport – to the park when the Pre-K Pass is processed. As long as a child is under five years old when their Pass is processed, they’re all set for the season. There are no upgrades needed when they hit their sixth birthday.

Children must not be 6 years old before May 6, 2023, and must be registered online by September 4, 2023.

Note: Pre-K Season Passes are only available online. They must be added to your online shopping cart, registered with Passholder information, and then processed with age-confirming documents at Guest Relations on your first visit of the season. Pre-K Passes cannot be registered at the park or over the phone. They must be processed at the park by September 4, 2023.

The Pre-K Season Pass doesn’t come loaded with any additional benefits, but Passholders are free to share food and merchandise discounts with their family members who have Season Passes or Platinum Season Passes.

Getting a Pre-K Pass is the easiest choice parents, grandparents, guardians, or any family member can make for the four- and five-year-olds in their life!

So what are you waiting for? Get your FREE Pre-K Season Passes now!

Enjoy a free Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari Handwriting & Coloring Book by clicking the image below!

Have more questions? We’ve got you covered. We put together a list of FAQs that address topics like how many Pre-K Passes you can get, the last day to process Pre-K Passes for the 2023 season, and if you have to have a Season Pass to get your child a Pre-K Pass.

Click Here for a List of Frequently Asked Questions

2023 Pre-K Passes must be registered online by September 4, 2023.


Updated Pass Perks Include More Bring A Friend Tickets Than Ever!

When we ask our Platinum Season Passholders what their favorite pass benefit is, it’s almost always a unanimous answer. Discounted Bring A Friend tickets.

Our Passholders love sharing their visits.

Who can blame them? It’s more fun making memories here when you can share the day with family and friends!

In 2022, Platinum Passholders got six flexible discounted Bring A Friend tickets they could use any day of the week but Saturday. Season and Platinum Passholders also had a few select dates that they could purchase one discounted Bring A Friend ticket.

For 2023, we tried to simplify that perk, and expand it to have more Bring A Friend ticket options than ever before.

Bring A Friend Tickets Update

We started with giving Season Passholders a dozen discounted Bring A Friend tickets over the course of the season. With different monthly allotments as we progress from May to October.

Then we doubled that amount for Platinum Passholders. They get up to 24 discounted Bring A Friend tickets in 2023.

Bring A Friend tickets can be used any day of the week but Saturdays in July and August, but we lifted that requirement on any tickets purchased in May, June, September, and October. You can bring even more friends when you know lines at the park will be shorter.

Here’s the Season Passholder Discounted Bring A Friend Ticket calendar we put together for 2023. Click the image below for a downloadable and printable version.

All the other Passholder perks are back as well. Passholders will continue to enjoy discounts on food and gift shop purchases, discounted locker rental rates, and exclusive Passholder dates before we open for the season. To see the full benefits chart, click here.

If you haven’t heard, we also released a new type of Season Pass this season for our preschool fans!

Our new FREE Pre-K Season Pass is available for four- and five-year-olds to visit all season long for free. Including during Kids World and Happy Halloween Weekends. Just register the pass online and provide some Passholder information and then process it at the park with age-confirming documents. You can see a full blog post about it in the HoliBlog.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start deciding who you’re inviting to the park with you in 2023.

The lowest Season Pass prices for 2023 are available for the next month. Buy your Season Passes before October 12 to lock in the savings!

In the Kitchen with the Foods Team at Holiday World

Blue ice cream and funnel cakes, pizza and turkey legs. Mocktails and nachos, pretzels and candy sweets. These are all a few of our favorite Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari eats!

Where do all these delicious wonders come from? It’s fun to picture Santa with a team of kitchen elves creating each morsel with holiday magic. While this fantastical picture is pure conjecture, there’s an element of truth.

It may not exactly be Santa and mythical elves delighting us with all the foods we’ve come to love at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, but there’s certainly a magical team behind the scenes. In fact, the Foods team has nearly as many staff members as the Attractions team at the park.

How does a theme park best plan food service for the enjoyment of park-goers? There’s certainly a lot of planning behind-the-scenes, but often, it’s more about flexibility and ability to adapt quickly to trends.

HoliBlogger Lexi, In the Kitchen with the Foods Team, Coffee

Planning the Perfect Theme Park Menu

Lexi Hartman, Director of Food & Beverage at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, oversees the food service throughout the park. Hartman says the first consideration for selecting food options is portability. All food choices are designed to be easy to eat and walk through the park with.

The goal is to not interrupt the theme park experience, it’s to enhance it in all ways. Guests can certainly opt for sit-down meals throughout the entire park, but the freedom for each person to have flexibility with food options is first and foremost.

Many of the food selections are based on the past year’s trends. For example, pizza is by far the most popular guest option. In the 2021 season, guests purchased a combined total 28,129 whole pizza and 139,621 individual slices of pizza (equivalent to 17,453 more whole pizzas)!

New ideas for future food offerings come from guest feedback, food conferences, market research, and insights from food vendors.

Despite the amazing efforts of the Foods team, trends and weather are not always predictable. Hartman says both can have a huge impact in trying to keep up with food production. Really great communication between team members is key.

And that’s where the magic of the Food service team comes in. There’s a lot of adaptation behind the scenes to ensure guests have all the favorites they crave!

HoliBlogger Lexi, In the Kitchen with the Foods Team, Sweet Treats

Considering Individual Dietary Needs

Keeping up with dietary needs and trends can be challenging for a theme park food crew, as well. From gluten-free to allergies and low-carb dieting, the Food service team takes it all into consideration when developing menu options.

Prior to visiting, guests can check out all dietary information on the “Food & Snacks” page of the Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari website ( There you will find nutritional information, a gluten-free menu guide, a healthier options menu guide, an allergen-friendly food guide, and much more.

Each stand at the theme park also has nutritional guidelines for Guest. There’s a special gluten-free stand in the park – George’s Gluten-Free Pizza & Snacks in the 4th of July section. More allergy-free food options are also in the works as the food service team continues to increase options to meet all guest’s needs.

If you have food sensitivities, do ask staff members questions, and give the team feedback. All park members can help navigate you towards information on food options that suit your dietary needs.

Hartman encourages park visitors to reach out to Holiday World regarding feedback, special needs, and other dietary concerns prior to, during, or after visiting the park. They are always eager to help!

What’s New? What’s Next?

While it’s important to keep fan favorites like pizza, funnel cakes, and chicken tenders available, introducing fun new food options is an awesome treat for all park guests.

It’s exciting to see the new Goblin Portobella Burger at Goblin Burgers in the Halloween section. Guests love to discover the newest surprise drink option each year at the drink fountains. (Hint: this year it’s Mountain Dew Spark). And the ever-changing variety of handcrafted fudge options is a joy to discover.

HoliBlogger Lexi, In the Kitchen with the Foods Team, Portobello Burger

The upcoming Happy Halloween Weekends will include an awesome array including Halloween-themed cupcakes, Chicken Enchilada Soup, and a special Haystack Burger.

Another fun new fan-favorite, ThunderBIRD Bowl, can be found in the Thanksgiving section at The SnackHouse. This delectable bowl full of goodness includes chicken and fries with nacho cheese, bacon, ranch, and chives.

In addition to introducing new food options, Hartman shared that the park is dedicated to finding new ways to be more eco-friendly. The free drink program is part of this effort as it dramatically reduces plastic waste. This year new trays for pizza were introduced to help reduce paper waste.

The Foods team also loves to offer guests fun specials. Before your visit to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, be sure to check out the Daily Deals and Exclusive Platinum Season Passholder Perks. Both are great way to save a little money during your visit while enjoying a new treat.

Enter to Win A Pair of Tickets!

Be sure to follow the adventures of our HoliBloggers all year long. Each blog post from them will have sweepstakes where you can enter to win two tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.

Entries accepted through Thursday, September 22 at 7pm CDT.


HoliBlogger Barb WThis blog post was written by HoliBlogger Barb W.

Barb Webb is a sustainable living expert nesting just outside of Louisville, Kentucky. When she’s not chasing chickens around the farm or engaging in mock Jedi battles, she’s writing about country living, artisan culture, and exploring the roads less traveled.

An award-winning author, Barb is also the Owner/Editor of the popular blog where she shares her love of all things green and empowers others to live country life to the fullest. Her newest books “GETTING BAKED” and “GETTING LAID” are cheeky guides offering a fun, in-depth journey into sustainable living topics including traditional and medicinal gardening.

Sweepstakes: Happy Halloween Weekends Spooktacular

Raven During Happy Halloween Weekends

Happy Halloween Weekends are nearly here!

That means cooler weather, shorter lines, and all the family-friendly Halloween fun you can handle.

Raven During Happy Halloween Weekends

The end of our 2022 season is quickly approaching, but the fun is not over just yet.

We still have time for another sweepstakes.

The trick is that you’ll need to be quick to win.

The treat is that we’ll have dozens of winners!

The Grand Prize is a Family Getaway with four Any Day tickets and two overnights at Sun Outdoors Lake Rudolph. Plus, the next 25 fastest fans will win a pair of tickets that are valid through the end of our 2022 season. Everyone else will receive an exclusive ticket discount!

Before entering, please read through these instructions and rules:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter and you must not have won tickets from Holiday World in the past 12 months.
  • Employees of Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, Koch Development Corporation, Lake Rudolph Campground & RV Resort, Sun Communities, and Sun RV Resort (and the immediate family members of employees) are not eligible to enter.
  • By entering, you agree to be added to our e-newsletter list (you may unsubscribe at any time by following the directions in your email).
  • If you win, please note you must be at least 21 to phone in your two-night Holiday Cottage reservation at Lake Rudolph.
  • All prizes are non-transferable and not for re-sale. Each winner is solely responsible for reporting and paying any and all applicable taxes related to the prize(s).

Are you ready to enter? You can sign up to get started.

If you have questions about the sweepstakes, keep reading.




How does this sweepstakes work?

Sign up to enter and start sharing the sweepstakes! The more your friends and family enter, the earlier you’ll find out what time our grand prize will be up for grabs!

The fastest to click once the Grand Prize is live will win. The next 25 will win a pair of Holiday World tickets. Thousands more will receive a promo code for an exclusive ticket discount.

What does a “heads up” mean?

Your “heads up” is how early you’ll be notified that our top prize is about to be available. You can build your “heads up” by getting friends and family to share the sweepstakes.

What time will the top prize be available to win?

That’s the secret. We can’t say.

Build your “heads up” to be one of the first to know when you can claim the Grand Prize. You can choose to be notified by text or email when you sign up.

Be the fastest and win the biggest prize in this sweepstakes!

Happy Halloween Weekends run weekends from September 24 through Sunday, October 30. For full hours, see our calendar online.

Good luck to all who enter!

Holiday World Reviewed by My Son, Henry

A few months ago, a publication I write for – Owensboro Parent – had a Kids Takeover edition. I decided to let my then seven-year-old son, Henry, write my column and he wrote the cutest and funniest article.

So, when I became a Holiblogger, I thought it would be fun to show a day at Holiday World through the eyes of Henry. I talked to him about writing a post and he was insistent on doing a ride review. So, we did!

We go to Holiday World multiple times a summer, but the visit he writes about below was exclusively for rating the rides. He also wanted me to let you all know that I typed the exact words he said and that I was not given editing powers.  

HoliBlogger Jamie J, Henry Reviews Holiday World

HoliBlogger Jamie J with her son, Henry

Henry’s Holiday World Review

Hi, my name is Henry Johnson. I went to Holiday World even though I live in Owensboro, Kentucky. It was still very close. I go to Sutton Elementary School, and I am in second grade. I like dogs and literally any other animal that exists except a cat. My favorite thing to do is play my Nintendo Switch and my favorite game is Plants vs. Zombies.

We went to Holiday World and did a Holiday World review with this article. Now let’s get started.

First, I want to rate the Liberty Launch. It didn’t look that tall, but it looked really high when you rode it. Even though it was fun it made me want to barf, but I recommend you going on it.

Next, we’re rating the Turkey Whirl. It was really fun, but it made me feel like I was going to barf. Again. It was really slow in circles at the beginning but at the end we were zooming in circles.

By the way we did not go to Splashin’ Safari this time, but we went earlier this year. It was amazing. Me and Dad rode the Zinga and we were thrilled. Me and mom rode the Cheetah Chase. It was really fast and the person in front crossed their legs. We had a stranger in our boat because we didn’t weigh enough. She was really nice.

The Rough Riders bumper cars were really fun, and it was really long. When I rode, I bumped a lot of people. Two thumbs up.

At first Frightful Falls was kind of like the lazy river, but when I got up up up up it was as high as an eighth of the Voyage. And then it went splashing down the hill. I didn’t get as wet for some reason even though I was in the front, but I loved it.

The Lewis and Clark Trail looked very very fun but it was very very very slow and it didn’t have a horn. My little brother liked it though. His name is Simon. He is five.

HoliBlogger Jamie J, Henry Reviews Holiday World

Little brother Simon (L) poses with Henry (R) at the Santa Statue

The Gobbler Getaway was really really cool and slow so you could aim at the turkey sensors. My little brother got zero points.

The Voyage was probably the most thrilling roller coaster of all time. When you went down the hill it’s like your hair will fly off.

The Raven’s hill wasn’t as high as the Voyage, but it was super thrilling and fast.

The free drinks were amazing. The first time I tried Mountain Dew was at the Oasis. It made me want to dance.

We ate at Goblin Burger after the spinning turkey ride, and it did fill me up. I still didn’t barf.

Holiday World is probably my favorite theme park. I really liked it and enjoyed the whole thing altogether. I feel like it should be one of the funnest theme parks of all time.

I hope you benefit from Henry’s ride review and enjoy his use of the word thrilling.

We love Holiday World and will be going back soon to review more rides!

Be sure to follow the adventures of all the HoliBloggers this summer. Each blog post will have a sweepstakes where you can enter to win two tickets to Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari.

Entries accepted through Wednesday, September 14 at 7pm CDT.

This blog post was written by HoliBlogger Jamie J.

Jamie Johnson is a blogger based in Owensboro, Kentucky. She has two sons, Henry and Simon, and a husband, Logan. Jamie works full-time as a business consultant. She loves her family, Holiday World, ham sandwiches, and Diet Mountain Dew. 

Sweepstakes: IT’S CORN(mazes) and More!

We are preparing to make the switch from Kids World to Happy Halloween Weekends!
To get in the Fall spirit we’re giving away 6 tickets, enter daily between now and September 22 at 7 pm CT! 

Happy Halloween Weekends include all of your favorite Holiday World attractions with added family-friendly Halloween fun!
Colorful balloons will be swapped for gourds, pumpkins, and corn stalks.
Fresh menu items and entertainment offerings will be added around the park. 

A viral tiktok video is celebrating something Hoosiers hold nEAR and dEAR..It’s Corn!
You know we had to join in the fun! Here’s our version :


?Corn is a-maizing. That’s why we plant 12 acres of it for our guests to get maized and cornfused during Happy Halloween Weekends from September 24-October 30??#fyp #corn #spookyseason #halloween #Happy #happyhalloween #HappyHalloweenWeekends

? Corn but it becomes a song and unites world – schmoyoho


Don’t miss this great checklist to make sure you explore all that Happy Halloween Weekends has to offer!

Sweepstakes ends at 7 pm CT, on September 22, 2022

But first, please read through these instructions and rules:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter and you must not have won tickets from Holiday World in the past 12 months.
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